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    18 Wheels of Steel: Across America Game Review:

        18 WHEELS of STEEL -- Across America is the second work belonging to the 18 WHEELS of STEEL series works. This game is widely accepted among players because of its rich content and small size.
        There are 40 kinds of ordinary cargoes and seven different types of special cargoes.
        Ordinary cargoes:
        Clothes、Cattle、Poultry、Vegetables、Fruits、Frozen Food、Corn、Grain、Packaged Food、Ore、Table-ware、Sports Equipment、Toys、Timber、Lumber、Coffee、Cotton、Steel、Medicals、Books、Furniture、Fertilizer
        Fragile cargoes
        Please drive your truck carefully because the following cargoes are fragile!
        (Eggs)、(Crude Oil)、(Gasoline)、(Diesel)、(Glass)、(Chemicals)、(Mechanical Parts)、(Cars)、(Computers)、(Computer Games)、(Explosive)、(Luxury Goods)、(Liquid Nitrogen)、(Liquid Oxygen)、(Milk)、(Cola)、(Light Bulbs)、(Electronics)。
        Special cargoes
        (Nuclear Waste)、(Plane)、(Farm Machinery)、(Heavy Machinery)、(Mobile Home)、(Huge Constr.Part)、(Hummer)。

        Act as a truck driver in this game, you need to finish your job perfectly. What you need to do is to drive your truck traveling among 48 different continents. Of course, you can make a lot of money as long as you work hard.
        It seems that this work is very simple. Actually, you need to pay attention to a lot of details. You should not only pay attention to the quality of the truck but also the weight and the fuel. Or you truck will break down during the journey.
        Besides, maybe you have the chance to transport illegal cargoes. This is a both risky and profitable task. Anyway, the most interesting thing is to be a good truck driver and win your own reputation in this circle.
        Some new players apply codes to pass relative levels in a quicker way because of their poor English and lack of game experience. But my suggestion here is to finish your tasks one by one and step by step to make money and further to expand your own business. At last, you will surpass your opponents. So cheating by using the codes cannot bring you this sense of fulfillment.
        Your main objective in this game is to make money! Choose the free mode first because there is not too much restrictions in this mode about the delivery time, cargo category and levels, etc. So players can build their own transportation company on their own free will.
        There are a lot of gas stations on your way. Remember to watch out for your fuel amount. Once your truck is out of fuel, you should call 911. But you will pay one dollar for this emergency call.
        Besides, the fuel price is not fixed during the different time of the day. The gas stations on the highway have two functions. The first one is to recharge. It is simple: stop your car at the shining point and then press F5 to recharge.
        Another function is for maintenance. You can seek for maintenance service at the gas station either. Stop your car at the shining point and press F6 for maintenance. But your truck do not need maintenance service unless it is damaged because of collision.
        There are only ordinary gas station or maintenance station on some roads. There are two kinds of highways: the first kind is with lower quality. So if your cargo is very heavy or your driving skill is not good enough, you should avoid such kind of highway. The second one is the highway with high quality. Players can run as fast as they want on it. But of course, on whichever highway, players need to abide by the traffic rules strictly.
        In font of a crossroads, you need to see clearly the road sign. It may say the road number or the relative mark. With such kind of information, you can recognize whether this is a highway of low or high quality. But Road 13 is an exception because it has one more lane compared with the highway. Besides, there is no checkpoint on Road 13.
        Once you break the traffic rules, do not try to runaway because you cannot. And once you get caught, the fine will be much heavier. Besides, players need to drive carefully if their cargoes are fragile. Or the resulting loss is immeasurable!

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