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    18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul Game Review:

        18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul is the second work of this kind of series games. This game wins acceptance among many players for vivid pictures and rich content.

        Players should make as much money as possible. This is the only goal! It is suggested to choose the free mode because there are too many restrictions in other modes. For example, players have to be clear about cargo category, level and delivery time. They can fully display themselves and build their own powerful truck transportation company
        There are several cargo yards in one city. These cargo yards are marked out on the map with different colors and shapes. Players can only pick up cargoes in these cargo yards. Maybe some cargo yards are empty. But you should not worry though, eventually you can find cargo by trying several cargo yards.
        Having picking up cargoes, you should press T to load your truck (different cargoes are with different weights). You should avoid highways and checkpoints. A blue framework will appear on the top left corner of the screen
        The content of this blue framework is about your cargo, including cargo, from, to, reward (for undamaged cargoes); damage(current damage). The marks with different colors represent the relative cargo yards.
        Please do not break traffic rules. There are two kinds of routes. The first one is the highway. The second one is the ordinary road, which is a little bit bumpy. So players should avoid such roads if their driving skills are not good enough or their cargoes are very heavy. Once coming to the crossroads, players should observe the road signs clearly. The sign will tell them the road number and relative sign of their destination. At he help of this sign, they can recognize this is a highway or a ordinary road. But road 13 is an exception. There is no checkpoint set on this road. Besides, this road is not occupied by too many trucks.
        Driving Controls Key
        Toggles the parking brake on and off - make sure you release your parking brake before you start!
        E Starts and stops your truck's engine
        ↑ Accelerator
        ↓ Brake/reverse
        ← Turn steering wheel to left
        → Turn steering wheel to right
        C Engages the truck's cruise control
        M Hold to engage the truck's motor brake
        A Moves up a gear
        Z Drops down a gear
        [ Left direction indicators toggle on/off
        ] Right direction indicators toggle on/off
        W Windscren-wipers toggle on/off
        H Activates the truck's horn for however long you keep the key depressed
        J radio
        Home End leftmirror + -
        Page Up PageDown rightmirror + -
        M Show/Hide Map
        F10 Screenshot
        Inside Camera
        Gives you a view from the inside of your cabin.
        Tail Camera
        Shows a view from directly behind your truck, from the end of the trailer, if one is attached.
        Top Camera
        Gives you a top-down view from directly over your vehicle. This is very useful for backing up to a trailer.
        Cabin Camera
        Gives you a forwards view of the road from just above your cabin-roof.
        Free Rotate Camera
        This is the camera-viewpoint you start any new game with. An external view, it allows you to pan around your truck by sliding the mouse left and right.
        Back Camera
        Great for reversing, this view is just like the Tail Camera (2) but it spins around to in front of your vehicle when you are reversing.
        Bumper Camera
        This puts the viewpoint on the front bumper, and is the closest viewpoint to the road of all.
        Drive-by Camera
        Shows a view of your truck from a would-be road-side onlooker. Great for showing off your new paint job!

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