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    18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy Game Review:

        18 Wheels of Steel: Convoy is the latest game in this series. This series of game have been widely accepted by players. In this game, there are more regions and racing tracks available to players. Numerous missions are waiting for you to be completed during the day and night. So lead your truck team and set out. You will be the king on the highways.

        The game is the fourth version with a big map. But players cannot save this game during their mission, which is a kind of headache for many players. Actually this is not a difficult game. All you need to do is to finish your mission step by step from the easy one to the difficult one. You will realize the passion that is invested into this game by those developers. Besides, you will have fun.
        First: accept the test with five items.
        First, learn to stop your truck;
        Second, learn to reverse your truck;
        Third, learn to attach the trailer to your truck.
        Practice makes perfect. You can win applause once you have done a good job.
        These three steps are very useful for new players although they are tricky. The fourth step is to accept a special mission in a yellow circle. The fifth step is to complete a challenging mission. You can refuse the last two missions. But it is not a good choice for you because you will lose the score that you should earn.
        Second, deliver cargo and make money; many players will choose to transport cargoes that will bring them with more money. Actually, at the beginning, they should choose the light cargoes to transport. Do not change your truck recklessly. It will not be too late for you to change your truck when you have 30,000 amount of money. Besides, the truck allocated to you by the system from the first place is not bad. So you can just upgrade it. Do not change your truck unless you have enough money. Or your truck cannot run faster.
        Third, make money by performing special missions. Some players might think of that these special missions are useless and boring. Actually, these special missions are designed for players to provide them with a chance to make additional money. The cargo transportation salary is priced according to the real American cargo transportation standard. So it will be hard for players to make money. But these special missions can be anything but not boring. Players even cannot afford their truck maintenance fee without these special missions.
        Usually, these special missions are set in San Francisco and New York. What players need to do is to transport cargoes between these two places. This is a quicker way for them to earn both money and scores.
        Fourth: upgrade your car and prepare for the long journey once you have enough money and scores.
        This is a long journey. During this journey, players do not need to worry about the money, score, time limit, and truck or cargo damage. So players will not feel tired. Maybe this is the exact reason why this game is really fascinating to most players.
        Of course, players can apply the codes at first. In this way, they can skip the first three steps and directly start with the fourth step. But both the cargo and the truck will likely be damaged because new players’ driving skills are not good enough. But if new players constantly apply the codes during the journey, they will be doomed to fail. In this way, they will fell bored to play this game, which is the last thing expected by developers of this game from these players.
        By the way, the fourth one from the left with an American banner can run at the fastest speed. You will spend more than $30,000 for paint. The most convenient truck is 7N7. P357 is the last truck unlocked. It will be impossible for you to unlock it unless you have 97 scores. But if you already upgraded other trucks before upgrading this one, and then you have to admit that you made an unwise and expensive choice.

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