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    18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker II includes two new scenes. They are Montana and Bangladesh. The content of this game is the same. The objective of this game is to build your own delivery empire. You first accept orders and then deliver goods in the limited period of time. There are all kinds of dangers lurked in your delivery journey, including the icy roads, steep cliffs and narrow roads in the woods.
        18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2 is full of difficulties. So this game will test your driving skills. You will drive through five unimaginable places. They are dangerous mountain woods, steep cliff, icy road, harsh and muddy roads. Besides, you will travel through following countries during the journey, including Montana, Bolivia, Northern Territory, Australia, and Bangladesh. Those drivers will be frightened to death by the overload.

        Strategy guide:
        T loading / unloading
        M Map (if inside a city, there will be a small map of the city)
        H blare
        N large map, screen management (equip trucks, hire drivers etc.)
        Space handbrake
        V wagon
        E ignition switch (You can also turn off the vehicle)
        [ Left turn signal
        ] Right turn signal
        L headlights
        F2 to switch rear view mirror
        F5 refueling
        F6 for vehicle maintenance
        R car stereo
        F9 (vehicle stuck halfway or when the oil runs out) call 911, note you will lose $ 2,000 !
        F10 screen shots
        Numbers 1-7 are seven different visual perspectives
        Direction arrows and (WASD) control the direction of the vehicle
        How to refuel:
        Find the gas station on the map. There is a large moving 3D pattern. First you should decelerate and then drive into this pattern. Next you should press brake and turn off the engine by pressing E. Now keep pressing Enter and the car will be recharged with fuel.
        The first level: North America. The road is full of snow and ice. So it is very slippery. You had better quit exploring the snow ground beside the road because you do not have enough fuel. You need to apply the same way we talked about earlier for refueling in the middle of this game. My suggestion is to control the car speed around 35. It will not be difficult. But remember to slow down when you are turning.
        The second level: The mountain area located in North America. There are nothing but countryside roads and provincial highways. You should drive at a speed of 35 on the countryside roads and 45 on the provincial highways. It will not be hard for you to break through this level although there are a lot of blockades.
        The third level: the mountain area in the South America. In this level, the road will become narrower. You should drive as fast as you can.
        The fourth level: in this game, there are Asian mountain roads, countryside roads and provincial highways. Note that the steering wheel is on the right side. It is not very difficult for you. But drive as fast as you can.
        The fifth level: Australia desert. It will be difficult for you to find the delivery point in this level. But generally speaking, it will be easy for you to end this level with success. Drive you car as fast as you can. Remember the steering wheel is on the right side.
        In the South America part and Asian part, the brake of the medium truck is not flexible enough to control. So you need to press the brake beforehand. Besides, you can consult the map by pressing M. In this way, you can decelerate if you need to take a sudden turn. Be careful with the hole on the icy roads, you should evade them and do not drop into them.
        Activate code mode
        Use you Notepad and open config.cfg or controls.def file( "my file\18 WoS Extreme Trucker" )
        Please ask Windows search for hel if this cannot work:
        Find out
        uset g_console 0
        uset g_developer 0
        Change them into
        uset g_console 1
        uset g_developer 1
        Save this process. And then enter into the game again.
        Activate the mode by pressing ~ , and then type into following codes for the corresponding effects:
        code          function
        cheat hea          lthe health value of the truck and the goods will be full (not available for a running car)
        cheat jobs_max           list all the current usable works (type the code into the level selection interface)

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