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    18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin' Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        18 Wheels of Steel - Haulin' is the most realistic trucking simulation to date. In addition to haulin' your own cargoes between 41 different cities, you have complete control over your own trucking business - you can buy trucks and trailers to expand you fleet, hire and fire drivers, and decide which contracts to take and which to leave. You can monitor and control your business as closely as you want - find out where your vehicles and drivers are and what they are doing, transport your vehicles between cities, or just leave your drivers to do their job and read a log of their activities in the company journal.

        Press H to blast the horn.
        Press E to start the engine.
        Press M to display the map.
        Practice driving - use up and down arrow keys to accelerate and brake, and left and right arrow keys to turn, but stay within the parking lot for now.
        Finding a Job
        You should now be somewhat familiar with driving, so you can now go find some hauling work.
        Go south out of the parking lot, cross the road and turn left (don't forget to use the left blinker - press [ to toggle it on and off).
        You want to head to the Dig Whitch construction parts yard, so head east and keep your eye on the map - the white arrow indicates both where you are, and the direction you are pointing.
        When you get near to the Dig Whitch yard slow down, and look for the entrance (it will be on your left).
        Drive into the yard entrance and park your truck over the floating arrow symbol. You may wish to engage the parking break - press SPACEBAR to toggle it.
        Accepting a Job
        You should now be parked over the rotating 3D icon (an arrow pointing downwards in a circle). If you parked correctly, you will see a message pop up asking you to press Enter.
        Press Enter to view job offers.
        Click through the CARGO list as you wish. On the DESTINATION list, you can see the company and city to which the cargo needs to be delivered, as well as the payment you will receive on successful delivery. Payments are higher for longer journeys, and more precious goods.
        You want a short journey this time, so find the cheapest of the jobs - typically one from the 'WASTE' section - and select it. Click "Accept Job"
        Picking up the Cargo
        You should now - having accepted the job - be ready to pick up the cargo in its trailer.
        When you accepted the job, you should have seen a trailer appear in the yard. If you did not, use the External View (press 2) and rotate the view using the mouse until you locate it.
        Go back to the Cabin View (press 1) if not using it already, and drive carefully over to the trailer - remember to disengage your parking break if you engaged it! Note that each time you collide with the trailer, it will suffer damage which will reduce your payment, and your truck will also be damaged.
        You want to attach the trailer to your truck, so to do this you need to reverse the truck until you are aligned as best as possible with the trailer. Position the rear of the truck under the trailer, and stop moving.
        If you are lined up correctly, a message will appear, telling you to press T to attach the trailer. If this message does not appear, you either didn't position your truck correctly, or are still moving. You may wish to use the Overhead View to help you - press 4.
        Press T when the message appears and the trailer will attach.
        Transporting the Cargo
        You should now be sitting in the yard with the trailer attached to your truck. Since you're now hauling a cargo, you're going to have to drive a little more carefully.
        First you need to know where you are going, so before you start driving, check the destination of the cargo - look in the top left corner of the screen.
        Press N to open your notebook. Your notebook is the point of access to most of your information and business needs.

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