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    18 Wheels of Steel: Pedal to the Metal Game Review:

        In this game, you need to prove to your opponent that you are the fastest one. Only by this way, you can make more money and hire better drivers. Of course, you have to obey the traffic rules. The policemen on the racing track are with high AI. So they will punish you once you break the traffic rules.
        With the enhancement of your skills and reputation, you will have an opportunity to manage the freight company and hire drivers.
        Although this game is not very big in size, the graphics and the environment of this game are with high quality. There are grasslands, hillside, desert, cities and bridges in this game. Besides, different roads will appear in different episodes.
        Besides, there are different weather conditions in this game. It will be rainy, sunny or snowy. Under different weather conditions, players need to apply different driving skills.
        No matter during the day or night, the light is perfect. Besides, there are more than hundreds of trucks with different categories and different colors for players to select. Moreover, there are different kinds of cargoes, including timber, automobile, houses and cans filled with dangerous substance.

        W: forward
        A: turn left
        D: turn right
        S: decelerate
        Shift: load container
        F1-F4: different views
        H: horn
        Space: emergency brake
        1. After entering into this game, players need to choose a truck for themselves. They can also choose the color and the shape of their truck. Don't worry though, all the trucks involved in this game are wholly new cars but not used cars.
        2. There is only one in-built music, which will make players feel boring. We all know that even the real truck driver will not listen to the same music during his long journey. So players can choose some music they like and add them to the music list in their music players. This will make their journey become interesting.
        3. The cargoes cannot be damaged during your journey. Your salary will be deducted once you cannot deliver the cargo in tact before the deadline. In this way, you cannot make profit because of your poor salary.
        4. Players need to take into account other factors. For example, they should be careful when they are at the gas station if their cargoes are flammable goods. In the meantime, players need to make a timetable for themselves. In they way, they can dine and rest on time at the designated place. My suggestion is to choose the shortcut in order to deliver the goods before the deadline.
        Note: Although there is relative hint about the road, players should plan their own transportation road for safety. You had better make a schedule in you Notepad. In this way, you can deliver the cargo to your destination on time. The reason is that you will not get tired once you rest and eat timely. But once everything is arranged well. You can drive this colossal tuck on the highway at a very fast speed. Moreover, your favourite music will keep you company on your way. This is really fantastic.

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