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    1NSANE Game Review:

        1nsane will bring players with an unprecedented feeling of speed. At the same time, the simulation technique of this game is really wonderful no matter from the damage of the car or that kind of effect brought to the driver. The most important thing is that this game is a flexible game. In this game, players can create and groom their own drivers. Besides, they can design a map for themselves. It is really exciting to drive your car to the different places on the map. There are more than ten kinds of different modes available in this game to test players' driving skill. I believe different choices will give you a new experience.
        The free mode is also available in this game. You can drive your car flying on your own free will. Besides, it is very convenient for you to control this game. There are also a lot of different types of cars and gaming modes available.

        Walkthrough :
        Up: accelerate
        Down: brake
        Space: handbrake
        A:shift up
        Z:shift down
        0: Rollover
        Backspace: Repair
        R: rescue
        Right Ctrl: light
        Enter: Horn
        There are single player mode and multiplayer mode at the beginning of this game. But if you are not familiar with such kind of game or your driving skill is not good enough, you should choose the single player mode. Another suggestion is to choose the location and observe the whole format of this game, which will be helpful for you to control this game.
        In the meantime, you can open the map and find out those mountains, waters and trees. Try your best to avoid those trees because once your car is overturned, it will be hard for you to chase your opponent.
        But there are some ways for you to help yourself. First, you can press 0 to recover your car. Or you can choose to repair your car by pressing Backspace but this will take you three seconds. Or you can ask for somebody to rescue you by pressing R. You can continue your competition once you car is recovered in tact.
        Your task is very simple. First, let us talk about the single mode. Under this mode, you need to pass through those active checkpoints to win the game. You can follow the arrow to find the relative checkpoints. Or I can tell you that the red points on the map are the checkpoints. It will be easy for you to win scores as long as you do not lose control to your car. Another point is that you should observe whether the lights on the checkpoints are on. If it is, which means this checkpoint is active. If it is not, which means you can overlook this checkpoint.
        How do you know whether you win the scores or not? Don't worry. The system will tell you. Once you are near to a checkpoint, the system will tell you "get to the gate"; once you are passing though an inactive gate, the system will tell you this is a "wrong checkpoint"; but once you are flying through the correct active gate required by the system, and then you will hear "game won".
        It is the same case to the multiplayer mode. But first you need to win the checkpoint as fast as you can. It is apparent that it will be useless for you to pass through a gate whose scores are taken away by your opponent. Usually, there are four players altogether for the multiplayer mode. Besides, the number of checkpoint is limited.
        The last mode is the champion mode. But if your car is not an advanced one for now or your driving skill is still not good enough, you had better not to challenge other players who have excellent car. Or you will be wiped out in a blink of an eye.

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