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    2 Tasty Game Review:

        2 Tasty is a new PUZ developed by Maximize Games. It combines delicious food with romantic content. In this game, players need to help young and talented chef Libby and her friend Cole to find ingredients according to the recipe. Next they can make different kinds of delicious food together. This game is both simple and interesting. It is a kind of test to players’ reaction ability. Besides, this game can help them to learn different kinds of delicious food.
        In this game, players need to find out the designated ingredient based on the word list above. Next they can process them with the food processor or the tea or coffee processor. Thus it will present players with a real situation of food processing. Meanwhile, it can increase the interestingness of the words-related PUZ game.
        This game is both instructive and entertaining. Players can manage different types of stores in this game. There are more then ten levels available to players. Besides, all of the utensils can be upgraded as long as they obtain enough money. So it is a good choice to strength English words and have a relax among the magnificent pictures.

        Generally speaking, it is not very difficult to beat the levels in this game. There are altogether 12 levels included in this game. But if you are a new player, and then you should try the tutorial first. In this way, you will not be stuck during the middle of this game. As you know, this game includes two game modes: time trial and casual mode. It is suggested to try the casual mode first because there is no time limit in this mode. So you can take your time to get familiar with all of the things in contained in this kitchen. It is a little bit challenging to try the time trial at the very beginning.
        There are sugar, seasoning, butter, coffee, tea, garlic and crystal glass and so on in this kitchen. It is important for you to remember all of these things, including their appearances, locations. Another point is that you need to recover what you made in time. Or they will disappear. At last, some mixed ingredients need to be taken into the oven for baking. You need to make out the finished product.
        You just need to move your mouse over and wait for a moment when you trying to find some ingredient’s name, and then the relative name will pop up. But you do need to remember its appearance and location because it would be time-consuming for you to look for it every time you are in need of it. If you are desperate to find it out, you can just lick “SOS” under the screen for help.
        During this game, you should also try to collect the stopwatch and the coins. They can help you break through the level much easier. For example, the stopwatch can buy you some additional time and each coin is worth 10 bonus.
        Most of V.I.P.s who visit your kitchen are very busy. So if you can serve them as quickly as you can and help them save some time, and then you can make a fortune.
        At the end of each level, a new recipe will be added into your cookbook.
        You can try the time trial after you already get familiar with all of the ingredients. You need to move faster in this mode. Here is a suggestion: do not risk to try to click all of the ingredients one by one once you cannot find certain ingredients. This is not a wise choice because this kind of blind action will make your game time deducted. And usually, it will not work.

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