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    4x4 Dream Race Game Review:

        4x4 Dream Race is a game about the four-wheel car. In this game, there are more than ten kinds of four-wheel cars with different styles. Players need to drive these cars to take part into all kinds of competitions in the city, desert or in the mountain.
        This is a four-wheel car with great horsepower. Players cannot take part into the next game unless they rank among the first threes.
        This is a sports game either. So the car will run at a fast speed automatically as long as players can drive it in a steady way. But players do need to watch out for the checkpoint on both sides of the road because the time will be deducted if they miss the check procedure.
        Actually it is not hard for players to control this game. They can use those two arrows on the screen to control the direction. But you should not press relative button too hard. Otherwise you car will follow a path shaped as S.
        At the beginning of this game, you can choose a sports car for yourself. Actually, there is no difference between these cars although they are different in colors and shapes.
        There are many desert and snow ground in this game. It is very obvious that the main objective of this game is to test players' off-road driving skill. My suggestions is that if you want to run at a very fast speed on these twisted road, you should follow the linear line. Besides, soft turning is better than drastic turning.
        Don't forget to collect those marbles on your journey. At the same time, you need to fly over those road blocks, such as oil buckets and wooden boxes. You also should not drive your car too fast on a downward slope. Otherwise you car will turn a summersault and explode. Besides, the roads in this game are very stony. Thus you need to drive your car carefully.
        Sometimes, it maybe hard for players to pass through some colossal obstacles. My suggestion is to reverse your car first and then dash forward. You will need this skill especially when you are in front of a steep hill.
        It is also hard for players to collect the marble between two mountains. In such kind of circumstances, players should drive their car on the two behind wheels by pressing the downward arrow. Actually, it is not hard for players to drive their car at a fast speed. But keeping the balance of their car is a very difficult thing, especially on these bumpy mountain roads full of obstacles. But it will not be a very difficult thing for them after trying again and again. Another suggestion to avoid the explosion disaster is to dash before the starting of every level.

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