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    9: The Dark Side Of Notre Dame CE Game Review:

        This game is adapted from one of Hugo's classic stories. The gargoyle of the Notre Dame took away many guests when they were celebrating for the April Day! This stunt for the festival just came true!
        You are sent by the police office of the Paris to investigate this mysterious case. This interesting AVG is developed by Play Favourite Games.
        In this game, players can enjoy the thrilling stories. Besides, they can appreciate the beautiful scenery of Paris. Among these beautiful sceneries, players can search and stop those monsters from committing bad things.

        1. This game includes altogether three modes: casual mode, casual mode and hardcore mode. Casual mode is perfect for those who are new to games or want to play at their leisure. This mode contains ample hints and allows you to skip puzzles after a shot while. Advanced mode presents a fun challenge for Adventure Lite funs. Hints are moderate, mis-click penalties apply, and puzzles take longer to skip. Hardcore mode is for experienced players or those who are to conquer the game without any hints. Hints are disabled, and puzzles cannot be skipped.
        2. You will acquire a Map during game-play which will appear on the lower left of your toolbar. You may use it to travel quickly to other areas and to see where you have unfinished quests.
        3. Puzzles can be skipped and most can be reset. Move your cursor down to the bottom of the screen to raise the Inventory bar. You may lock it in the up position by closing the ped lock.
        Chapter 1 - Paris
        Take the wheel;
        Examine the teddy bear, take the needle;
        Examine the bulletin board and move the flyer, take the DIAL;
        Examine the cellar door and place the DIAL on it to trigger a puzzle;
        Move the two squares to the gear cell on the top;
        The arrow movements are: Down equals D, Up equals U, Right equals R, and Left equals L;
        D-Lx3-Rx2-Ux2-Lx4-Ux2-D-Rx2-Ux3-Lx4, and Rx7;
        To solve the puzzle, select the following arrows using the arrows on left square D-Lx3-Rx2-Ux2-Lx4-Ux2-D-Rx2-Ux3-Lx4, and Rx7;
        Go down into the newly-opened souvenir shop;
        Examine the cash register and take the map which will be added to your task bar, take the scissors and read the open book;
        Examine the left cupboard to access a HOS´╝Ť
        Find the items listed;
        Use the key on the box to get a mime-in-a-box;
        Open the cabinet to get the dog and pocket watch;
        Examine the vase to get a firecracker and beetle;
        Close the cabinet door if open and use the air horn on the cat to get a mask;
        You will earn a carriage handle;
        Back out;
        Examine the carriage door and place the carriage handle on it;
        Examine the open carriage, take the heavy bronze statue;
        Open the drawer, take the wheel wrench;
        Examine the rear of the carriage and place the wheel to the axle, use the wheel wrench on the wheel;
        Go forward;
        Examine the Eiffel Tower Miniature and take it;
        Examine the cloth and use the scissors on it, get a RAG;
        Back out;
        Examine the stand use the heavy bronze statue and RAG on the glass; take the Notre Dame Miniature;
        Go forward;
        Examine the tourist center board and place the Notre Dame Miniature and Eiffel Tower Miniature on it to trigger a puzzle;
        Move the landmarks to their proper locations;
        See screenshot for solution;
        Take the CAR keys and read the note;
        Examine the car door and use the CAR keys on the lock;
        Examine the opened car and open the portfolio; read the note after the cut scene, take the guardian amulet which will be added to your taskbar;
        You may now use the guardian amulet to find hidden symbols;
        Find the hidden symbols using the guardian amulet;
        Go forward to the plaza;
        Examine the snow pile, take the gargoyle wing;
        Examine the drain, take the register handle;
        Go forward;
        Examine the ground left of the door, and take the second gargoyle wing.

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