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    Alien Shooter Game Review:

        This is an third-person shooting game with an oblique shooting angle of 45°. This game tells the story about an alien shooter who tries to remove threatening alien forces on earth when there is an emergency. This game scene is set in a dark and shadowy military camp. This place has been occupied by all kinds of monsters. So players need to pick up their weapons and kill bravely all of these bloody monsters.
        There are two modes available in this game: level mode and time trial mode. Players can make money by successfully break through these levels. With the money, they can buy better weapons and ammunition or upgrade their different abilities.
        The game uses a third-person rear-end visual perspective. The fighting scene in this game is really magnificent although the main character usually stays put. Besides, players can move in a flexible way in this game. They can travel among narrow corridors, alleys, tunnels and railway station. Thus this game provides players with a platform to try all kinds of weapons owned by them.

        1. Controls
        ←、→: shooting or crossing;
        ↑、↓:running or aiming;
        Spacebar:enter into or quit from the shooting mode;
        Ctrl:fire or select weapon;
        Enter:use or activate the article you get;
        0~9:select a certain article.
        2. Automatic gun secret
        Under the battle mode, if the character with automatic gun dies, and then you can press the Space Bar immediately. By this way, one automatic gun will become two or at most three.
        3. The secret No. 0 weapon
        There is another secret weapon in this game. The main character can apply this weapon at the expanse of 10 HP every time when there is no weapon for him to apply. This weapon can fire a laser ball, which can help to kill all of the enemies around. But it is not supplied in the shop. You can only get it by modifying the registry.
        4. Character selection: In this game, there is one male and two female characters available to players. The male one has higher defense ability and life value. The females are good at attacking and running. Besides, players can also set the color of blood in this game. They can choose the blood with green or red color. Moreover, nine different weapons are available to players in this game. Remember the number of ammunition is limited. You need to buy the relative ammunition or weapons you need in the shop before starting each level. Only three different kinds of armors are available to you in the shop.
        5. During this game, players need to apply different tactics to deal with their enemies. Sometimes, they need to fight against their enemy face to face. But sometimes, they need to hide themselves and shoot their enemy with their gun form the behind. So players need to try their best and apply different strategies to break through each level.
        Besides, they need to note that the enemies in this game will appear in a random way. They will not always prop up at the same place. There is another thing you need to know, that is, these aliens have a high intelligent. So there is a possibility that they will also attack you behind your back. It is no doubt that this kind of design is to test players reaction ability, agility and observing ability. So you cannot be more careful as a sniper.

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