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A.I.M. Racing
A.I.M. Racing

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System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/2000
Processor: P4 1.5 GHz
DirectX 9.0
RAM : 512 MB
Free Hard Drive: 834 GB
16-bits Sound Card

      A.I.M. Racing is an exciting car racing game. This game is to test players' eye-hand coordination ability and reaction ability. Generally speaking, players cast their votes to this game for three reasons. The first reason is that there are a lot of scientific weapons involved in this game. In this way, it is both interesting and refreshing for players to fight against their opponents. This is a kind of wholly new game experience. The second reason is that the characters in this game are very cute. Besides, it is fascinating to apply these unnamed alien weapons. The last reason is that the graphics of this game are of 3D. The colors are very clear. The weapons are attracting enough to players because they have never seen such clear and vivid pictures of these heavy weapons in other games. Coupled with the exciting and thrilling background music, this game has attracted many players' eyeballs. No need to say this game is also very popular among players since its release. What needs to be pointed out about this game is that no matter the designing or development of this game is innovative. The weapon structure and the fireballs are new to players. So try this game, you will not regret for it!