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    A.I.M. Racing Game Review:

        A.I.M. Racing is a car racing game developed by SkyRiver Studios on PC platform. The background of this game is set in a remote satellite. At the help of the high-technology on this satellite, mankind successfully created A.I.M. Racing cars. In this game, players need to win the game to obtain more powerful engine and more honors.
        A.I.M RACING will take players to the remote POLYGON 4 satellite. On this dusty satellite, many hi-tech racing cars are rushing forward. Many years ago, mankind and ARLING people used this satellite as a laboratory.

        L-shift accelerate
        Tab change the located objective
        Z´╝Ümachine gun
        X: missile
        C: mine
        A: heavy arms
        R: reset
        V: change views
        1. This game is of fast speed. So you need to react quickly. Or it will be easy for you to be destroyed by your enemy. To begin with, your BOSS will provide you with a new racing car. So you need to fully make use of this racing car to defeat your opponent and win the game in order to further upgrade your car.
        2. During the racing game, you need to avoid the fireballs fired at you by your enemies. Or you will be dead soon. The outcome is that you have to restart the game.
        3.Another point is that there are a lot of road blocks. The racing tracks in this game are unlike the asphalt road on earth. The racing track on this alien satellite is very dusty and bumpy. So you need to control the balance. Your car will be damaged once it hits any road block.
        4. You have only 10 life value. So pay attention to it during the game. The number besides the red heart under the screen is your life value left.
        5. The green fan area represents the bullet amount left. You will be rewarded with relative amount of bullets once you kill an enemy. On the contrary, you will lose bullets once you are attacked by your enemy. So you need to use your bullets in a reasonable way. Or you have to start this game all over again.
        6. Follow the arrow and you will not get lost.
        7. Besides, there is a time limit for every level in this game. It will be useless even if you have enough bullets and life values once the time is out. Level skip is not allowed in this game. So you need to unlock these levels one by one in order. Try to get three stars for each level. Or you cannot upgrade your racing car to its best condition. In this way, it will be to your disadvantage in the next level.

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