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    Airport Tycoon 2 Game Review:

        Airport Tycoon 2 is the sequel to the Airport Tycoon. Players can create all the scenes and building in this game by themselves. In this way, they can create an airport completely belonging to them. Besides, they need to be responsible for the establishment and management of a modern international airport.
        Players can establish their own airports at 25 different places, including London, Moscow, and Tokyo, etc. After this, players need to focus on the daily operations, such as flight attendance, service quality, customer service, and emergency treatment, etc.

        1. Choose the New Game item once you enter into this game. Afterwards, a map will be rolled out in front of you. Next select an area from the map. Here, I will take South America as an example. Next click Accept to continue this game.
        2. Now it is time for you to create an airport. It is very simple to do it: Left click and hold, and then drag out an area of land to buy. Bought land must touch at least one edge of the entire grid. This is where the entrance to your airport land will appear after you have accepted the purchase. Hold the Shift key, then select land to sell that land back. When prompted to sell the land click the check or X to accept or cancel the sale. Click the check at the bottom right to accept your land purchase and continue into the game. Click the X to cancel and erase your purchase and start over.
        3. Click a category and then click an item to build. Use the middle mouse button or the Tab key to rotate that object before placing it. Right click or hit Escape to cancel building that object.
        4. Use your mouse wheel (when an object is not selected to build) to zoom the camera in and out. Click the Build button to open the build menu.
        5. To delete a selected message, click the Delete button (one trashcan). To delete all messages, click the Delete All button (three trashcans).
        6. Under the Free Play mode, you can sign a contract to take challenges. Your ultimate goal is to create a giant profitable airport, which will bring you an unprecedented sense of pleasure and fulfillment.
        7. You might locate your airport in 25 different cities. There are Chicago, London and Moscow, etc. They are vary in climate, environment and geographical characteristics.
        1. You must purchase land on an edge for road access.
        2. You must purchase enough land to place a runway.
        3. Left click to place the object in the game world. Hold Shift, and then left click to place multiple instances of that object.
        4. After you have placed the particular item, it will be removed from the Build Menu list. Contract buildings such as hotels, gas stations and car rental cannot be demolished.

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