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    Airport Tycoon 3 Game Review:

        Airport Tycoon 3 is an airport construction simulation game developed by InterActive Vision. For now, this is the third version of this series. Thus we have enough reason to believe that this game will bring a wonderful spiritual experience for us.
        Among the simulation games about construction, this airport construction simulation game has attracted many players. Unlike those construction games themed on wild life or theme park, you will have a certain amount of money at the beginning of this game. With this money, you can buy relative facilities and build runway and collecting and distributing center. After ready, you can start to run your own airport business.
        Flights and routes in the game need to be set through negotiations. Besides, the original facilities need to be upgraded while the game progress. At the same time, new facilities need to be added. There are also problems about contract and hotel and retail store management. In a word, you need to master a lot of relative knowledge before starting to manage your own airport. From all of these perspectives, we can see that this game is a wonderful game. This game will help you have a better understanding about airport operation.

        You could go thorough the tutorial from the very beginning of this game if you are not familiar with this game. Next you can choose the New Airport to start your creation construction work. Your first main objective in this game is to establish an airport called PAX and then operate it. Cairo is ready to open a new airport near the city. Your task will be to build a small but operational airport for travelers. You will complete the scenario when you acquire S flight contracts.
        There are two modes available in this game: story mode and the free mode. You can start from the scratch by entering into the free mode. It is fun for you to build your own airport. But this may also disrupt the normal order of this game. Another thing is that you might have nothing to do for a while but to wait for the contractors after finishing to build the airport.
        The contractors might visit you monthly. You have nothing to do before the arrival of a certain contract. But you cannot ignore them because if you do not deal with them timely, the contract will become invalid. Thus you had better wait for the contract instead of doing other things after the airport construction work. The reason is that if you spend too much time in building or upgrading facilities, which will lead to financial deficit. This means that you need to make up for this deficit later by spending more time.
        In addition. There is not too many prompts in this game. The manual just tells you how to operate this game. But it misses the important content about the definition of the whole member, the meaning of those statistic figures, the way to design a contract and how to demolish old runway to make room for bigger ones, etc. So you need to find all of strategies by yourself during this game.

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