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    Alien OutBreak 2 Game Review:

        Alien Outbreak 2 is a classic shooting game! In this game, players need to defend themselves from waves of alien attacks. There are 80 different levels and 20 different wonderful game stages. The fighting scene is really magnificent and rare. It feels like you are enjoying fireworks because the background of this game is set in the night sky decorated by shining stars. But watch out for the super Boss, they are eager to have fight with you.

        Strategy guide:
        Your spaceship is controlled by your mouse. Use the left mouse button to fire your primary weapon and the right mouse button to fire your secondary weapon.
        Your ship'e energy level.
        You get one more life and more powerful primary weapon for each new energy level. The maximum energy level your ship can reach is equal to ten bonus.
        Secondary weapon and number of shots you can fire.
        Energy bar. The indicator bar rises when you catch bonuses, which fall out from the ships you have destroyed. The indicator bar goes down if your ship is damaged. If the enemy bar reaches the top, your ship's energy level increases per unit. If the energy bar reaches the bottom, your ship energy decreases per unit. Your mission fails, then your energy hits zero.
        Extra points.
        Extra energy.
        It raises your ship's energy and the indicator bar goes up. You get one more life and more powerful primary weapon when the indicator reaches the top.
        Defense. Makes your ship vulnerable.
        Rate of fire. Increase the ship rate of fire two times more.
        Slow time. Slow down all enemy craft and shells.
        Invisibility. Makes your ship invisible to the enemy ships so that they can't provide accurate fire.
        Secondary weapon. Your ship is capable of holding no more than 10 shells at a time.
        Rocket. Destroy any enemy in one hit (except Bosses)
        Lighting. Destroy any enemy on its way. (except Bosses)
        Bomb. When a bomb explodes, its fragments smash everything on their way and destroy any enemy craft (except Bosses)
        Noteļ¼šAt the beginning, players should use primary weapons to deal with their enemy because there is no secondary weapon available. Besides, watch out for the shells fired down by your enemy. If you are hit by your enemy more than ten times, and then you will be dead.
        It is not a good idea to attack your enemy from a near distance. First, in this way, you will be vulnerable to your enemies attack. Second, it will be not convenient for you to catch the falling bonuses. The reason is that the bonuses are usually falling down with the shells. So you need to be careful.
        As for the Boss, you should fire at it as soon as it comes into the view. Or it will kill you very soon. Besides, remember to use both the primary and secondary weapon to deal with this enemy, which will help you a lot.

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