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American Jail Break - Block Strike Survival Games
American Jail Break - Block Strike Survival Games
American Jail Break - Block Strike Survival Games

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System Requirements:
      This is an exciting shooting game. In this game, you can play the role of a shooter. Everything would be both interesting and exciting. You can have the chance to do some brutal running and shooting actions that are not allowed in real life. And as a sniper, you need to take part in some deadly operations sometimes. You would find all kinds of enemies here. They might swat members, nurses, robbers or even cops.
      Never ignore your enemies or look down upon them! You need to watch out all the time. And you need to try every means to wipe them out before they attack you. Otherwise you are doomed!
      There are two modes in this game: the cop mode and the robber mode. You can choose any one of them that you like to try. And there are easy, medium and hard modes for you to choose. So you do not need to worry about that this game would be too challenging for you to play. As for the guns, you have a wide choice of incredible guns to upgrade since guns with high performance cannot be more important to a sniper. Another shining point of this game is its realistic 3D pixel blocks environment. Last but not the least, you would also find awesome HD graphics with dynamic light, which makes the whole process of playing really wonderful.
      So just join us and unlock all those interesting and powerful weapons such as machine guns, pistols and sniper guns. Believe, you would find your true self after challenging yourself in this world of blocks!