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    Angry Birds Rio Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Angry Birds Rio is adapted from the film named Rio. The little birds will be kidnapped and taken to a magical city. These little birds have to escape from the tracking and hunting of a lot of hunters. Besides, they have to rescue their fiends Blu and Jewel. On their way, they will meet a lot of birds who are kept in cages. So these birds have to destroy the cage and rescue their own kind.
        Angry Birds Rio keeps the same type of the traditional Angry Birds. Players can see the familiar characters. By playing this game, players can also chew part of good stories included in the film Rio. The music of this game is of Latin America style, which is really interesting. The sound effect is still the birds screaming. This game is codeveloped by Rovio and Fox company. Their cooperation makes this game popular in Hollywood.

        Red fire(the little red bird)
        Unlock: from the beginning
        Introduction: this is the most common and representative bird. It is not strong in power.
        Blue ice (the blue bird)
        Unlock: the sixth part of the first pass of the first chapter
        Skill: splitting
        Introduction: this power of this bird is that it can fire out three birds at the same time. Players can let the blue birds hit the object one by one. But the ideal outcome is that you should use three blue ices to attack one object in a short distance. In this way, players can bring a great damage to the building. Players can destroy the hard walls by only one strike. This bird should be used to deal with glass.
        Yellow wind (little yellow bird)
        Unlock: the eleventh section of the first pass of the first chapter
        Skill: acceleration
        Introduction: Although this kind of bird has lightening speed, but its attacking power is limited in front of the stone walls and glass walls. You can use this bird to attack wood walls easily.
        White bullet (the white bird)
        Unlock: the sixth part of the first pass of the second chapter
        Skill: lay bombs
        Note: the egg will bounce back once it touches umbrella and swimming ring.
        Introduction: This kind of bird can lay bombs for you high in the sky. You can just click it if you need bombs. This bird can create much more damage if it is close to the ground. In addition, you should not forget that this bird can be used as the classic red bird.
        Unlock: the 15th section of the second pass of the second chapter
        Finish: the 15th section of the second pass of the third chapter
        Skill: Fly along a straight line
        Introduction: These tow characters are borrowed from the original film named Rio. You will see them during the 4-15 passe. The two birds are combined into one. You can let it rush to your target by clicking the screen.
        (players can release all of these birds’ special skills during 4-15 passes. Players can let these birds to attack Nigel or they can explode TNT box by controlling Blue and Jewel to knock into the wall behind)
        Black canon(the black bird)
        The later passes of the third chapter (6-15)
        There is no BOSS here but Luiz. Luiz can help you destroy all of thing on the ground except for the hard walls.
        The later passes of the fourth chapter (8-15)
        Moren will appear in this pass. It will keep jumping and jump faster if you keep hitting it.
        The later passes of the fifth chapter (10-15)
        There is only planes but no BOSS here. The bird is driving the flower car and chasing the plane. Its purpose is to rescue the birds trapped in the plane.

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