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    Angry Birds Seasons Game Walkthrough:

        Halloween version:

        In the game, the original shooting target - pig heads - are either surrounded by Halloween pumpkins, or with pumpkin on head. The game environment is filled with the atmosphere of Halloween, with pumpkins, masks everywhere.

        Christmas version:

        This version adds a lot of Christmas theme elements! Add new achievement, support Game Center. Golden eggs are waiting for you to hit them.

        Valentine's Day version:

        1. Romantic mood, cozy interface : The cozy and romantic atmosphere created allows users to experience definitely profound feeling, and you can feel it from the game opening, and the game's main interface, the familiar "Play" button is also decorated into the shape of Cupid's arrow, very personalized.

        2. New game, new levels : As mentioned above, the Valentine's Day version of Angry Birds follows the game's usual seasonal features, along with the changing role of the image, the game content and effect have great changes.

        3. Cupid's arrow, gaming experience : Start to experience the game: in the game, what makes people feel fresh is the unique background of the game, sound effect, and manipulation of Cupid's arrow. There are a lot of personalized elements in the game, including pig's head with angel **, holding arrows; cute pig wearing flowers on head; "heart" floating in the sky; heart-shaped barriers. These rendering effects enable the game with sweet atmosphere during playing, players can get very good experience.

        Clover version:

        Two features of this festival- clover and eyeful green color are reflected in the game, such as pig captain's green hat. The official previously said that the game will be built with a 0.99 dollar props, similar to "Eagle" function in the original version, and will not let players blocked at certain checkpoint. St. Patrick's Day is a traditional festival in Irish, green color and clover are two main symbols, refer to Baidu for the legend.

        Easter Day version:

        Here, many painted eggs and pigs wearing rabbit ears hat are added, just like the usual seasonal edition, this Easter Day version is still available for free. For the content, 15 new levels and three bonus levels as well as lots of painted eggs essential to Easter Day are added. Pigs are wearing cute bunny ears this time, and the background music had been replaced by super-energetic and cheerful style!

        Summer picnic version:

        Gone through many times of version updating, the seasonal version now ushered in the summer sun, and now many people are enjoying picnic at the beach, but those pesky pigs never take holidays, you have to help the birds robbing eggs back, so that they can enjoy their summer vacation. This update will bring 30 brand-new levels, new summer picnic theme and picture elements.

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