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    Angry Birds Space Game Review:

        Brief Introduction:
        Angry Birds was first released in 2010. Since then, this game is very popular. Now, we have a new version of this game, which is the space version. This time, after traveling every corner oe earth, our angry birds come to the outer space! This hame is a fully new version. There are many updates are added to this game. But all the factors that players are fond of still exist. Besides, this new game will make players feel exciting. All in all, this fully new game will not disappoint players. After a huge claw taking their eggs away, our angry birds chased him to a cave. And then they found out that they are circled by the space pigs in an unfamiliar galaxy. The lucky thing is that our angry birds have their own superpowers either......Angry Birds
        This game includes altogether 160 passes with the background of exoplanet and zero gravity space. The content of this game is really wonderful from the slow motion puzzles to the light speed destruction. With the participation of the wholly new birds, superpowers and other galaxies, there are many charge free update and available products. In this way, sky is not the limit!

        Operation methods:
        1. You should use the mous to click the bird on the slingshot, and then adjust the angle and strength. Next you should let the bird go. During this process, you can click the blue bird to split, the back bird to explode, and the purple bird to change the orbit. The physical characteristic of this game is different, that is, the bird is fly in straight without the influence of the gravity. But once there is asteroid, the orbit of the bird will change. If you want to fully show yourself in this game, you first must know this.
        2. Like the Angry Birds Rio, BOSS is contained in this new game. For example, in the last chapter, there is Space King, which is a pig who drives a lethal "flying saucer" which has many arms that can grab things. Besides, the ordinary pigs also become challenging. For example, the diameter of the Fat Pig is twice of that of the King pig. You can not imagine how hard it will be to destroy SU barbatus.
        3. The past green pigs are without any facial expression, but in this new game, the pigs have facial expressions. For example, there are pigs sleeping. Besides, if there is any danger, some pigs will also show being scared. In fact, this is partially represented in the Rio version. For instance, some monkeys may show expression for help when falling down from a high place.
        4. In the past, it is a matter of fortune to aim precisely. But now, everything is different, you can see the orbit before firing. This is just like the grenade orbit presented in the Gears of War.

        New birds
        1. Red hero bird
        (the original red bird) it is the most bravest bird, but no excellent talent. Once firing it out, the orbit follows the basic physical rules. It is the most simple angry bird.
        2. Superman bird
        Superman bird(the original blue bird) is smaller than other birds. But you can not look down upon him because he owns magical cloning skill! After firing it out, what you need to do is just to click the screen, and then one bird will become three bird. In this way, the attacking range is expanded. But you have to control the time properly, you should clone at the best time so aws to achieve the maximum attacking effect! But the attacking damage is very mild. This it is only appropriate to attack glass material.
        3. Bomb bird
        Bomb bird(the original black bomb bird) is a hidden bird with exceptional ability. When he becomes angry, he will greatly scare other birds! You know what I mean. Yes, this bird can explode when he becomes angry! What you need to do is to click the screen in the best opportunity, and then the bird will explode like a mine! The attacking range is very wide and the outcome is very terrible. Thus you have to activate is at the appropriate time. Otherwise, you will miss the golden opportunity in the blink of an eye! This bird can destroy everything. Thus you can choose to explode the concrete construction by it!
        4. Flying bird
        Flying bird ( the original triangle bird) has exceptional talent. Once firing out, you should click the screen, and then this bird will go on straight attack! Its speed can be compared with that of the mislies when he rushes to the green pig! But it is hard to control the best timing. Otherwise, you will miss the object. Once you master the essence, the angry birds will become really rage and bring irreplaceable destruction to the pig castle made of wood.

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