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    Angry Birds Star Wars Game Review:

        Brief Introduction:
        This game is inspired by the famous scientific film Star War. Dead stars and mammoth robots are also included in this game. The birds of different colors and green pigs are adapted from the characters of the original film. The pig looks like a black knight is very funny. This is an old game, at the same time, this is a new game. This game has the same models and physical characteristics with that of the Angry Birds. But this game also includes new characters and new arm systems. This game will help players of the original film, which is a classic one. In the meantime, players can review the content of this film to play this game. There are a lot of birds contained in this game. No matter you favor star wars or you are a bird gams fan. It will be a pity if you miss the opportunity to play this game.

        Introduction to the New Birds:
        First degree: the initial state of the bird
        Second degree: it needs a while, stronger than the first degree
        Third degree: it needs much longer time, stronger than the second degree
        Note: some birds have two degrees, and there are some birds with no degree available
        1. Luke Skywalker
        This bird with yellow head belong to a farmer at first. It is the best example of counter attack. It becomes the greatest hero in the galaxy system after going through a lot of hardships.
        Skill: its representative arm is light sword. When you firing out the Luke Skywalker, you can remove all the roadblocks by brandishing the light sword.
        First degree: no light sword, this skill cannot be applied.
        Second degree: there is blue light sword, you can activate the skill (pass 1-9)
        Third degree: The light sword is updated to the green version, the killing force becomes stronger.
        2. Obiwan
        The black bird becomes the Jedi Master. It can use its original power to push down buildings and green pigs. Do you want to release original power? You just need to click the screen, but you have to control the timing perfectly. You cannot click the screen until you close to your enemy, in this way the original power can be released.
        First degree: you can fire the first level of force
        Second degree: you can fire the second level of force (pass 2-26)
        3. Han Solo
        At first, this bird is a smuggler. But afterwards, it gives up this ignominious business and joins the rebellion army. At last, it become the general of the Rebel Alliance !
        Skill: It is good at firing at the object with laser. The laser can also be reflected after contacting the object.
        4. Chew bacca
        This furry bird is a warrior. It has powerful strength. You can see this through its strong build. Han Solo is its natural partner.
        Skill: It is born with enormous strength. It can dash forward some distance after being fired out. It can push forward heavy things.
        First degree: Tiny shock wave can be sent out by colliding
        Second degree: It will create an enormous shock wave by colliding with the buildings
        5. polit
        As the classic Angry Birds, the blue X pilot will split into three birds when you clicking the screen. You can use it to attack three objects at the same time or you can attack it when it closes to walls, which will brings greater damage. You should use it to attack glasses.
        6. Princess Leia Organa
        This beautiful little bird is also one of the leaders of the rebellion army. At the leadership of the Princess Leia Organa, Rebel Alliance keeps to fight against Galaxy Kingdom. Rebel Alliance wins the last victory.
        Skill: Its special skill lies in its strong magnetic force. After firing it out, it can attracts the clicked object. It even can pull down the huge full terrain armored transport vehicle
        First degree: you can attract things around you, but the force is not strong enough (hoth chapter, the third pass)

        Game strategy
        This game has two kinds of scoring standard:
        A. To get higher score;
        B. To get three stars;
        The way to get higher score: you should use one bird to kill all the pigs as possible as you can. For every left bird (or golden flying boat), you can get additional 1000 scores. In the meantime, you can get 5000scores for reward if you kill one pig. You should let the pig lose its defense ability. More severe destruction means higher score with upper limit of 300 scores.
        The way to get three stars: you should use the minimum number of bird to destroy all of the pigs. Generally speaking, you are allowed to used only one bird. You should let the pig get the maximum destruction. And then you can pass the game.
        Different passes requires different strategies. Thus we need to analyze the drawbacks existing in the pig's defense system so as to achieve the maximum destruction effect.
        Note: there are some golden eggs available for some passes. After getting the golden eggs, you can challenge much more difficult passes.

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