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    Angry Birds Trilogy Game Review:

        I guess people are familiar with this game. There are a lot of players who like all kinds of angry birds and their lovely enemy, those piggies. This game has been keeping popular since the day when it is released.
        Petri J√§rvilehto says that you can consider this game as the ultimate collection version of this game. New animations will be added to this game. Some new fand entertaining factors will be added to this game. Besides, the original content of this game is reproduced.
        This game includes three parts: Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. The platforms of this game include XBOX360,PS3 and 3DS. What needs to be pointed out is that this game cannot be downloaded on the digital form. Players have to buy the disc version if they want to play it. On the 3DS platform, this game will be sold in the cassette form. Developers say that players can play the charge free trial passes on iOS or on the Android platform. But every pass has its own rank.
        The background of this game is much brighter. The developers say the background is dynamic. J√§rvilehto says this game wins recognition among many players. Players can enjoy themselves even if they play this game at home.
        This game supports two modes, that is, handler mode and move mode. This game also supports StreetPass technology on the 3DS platform. This game will be released in this winter. The price in not known yet. But it must not be three dollars.
        Little friends, now you can play the Angry Birds in the Xbox 360. You can play this your favorite app game both in Xbox 360 and Kinect. This game includes the basic Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio. But you can play the new game with the old methods. Players who are accustomed to control the slingshot with fingers may not have the experience in playing this game by using handler. Let's have a try!
        After enter into the menu, you can choose between Kinect mode and handler mode. If you choose handler, you can just click Start. If you choose Kinect, you have to connect your Kinect to Xbox 360, and then wave your hands to Xbox 360.
        There are three versions with the same playing method. Classic, during the different passes you ca just hit the pig with birds. Seasons, there are different festivals in this season, including Halloween, Christmas and so on. Tit is still about hitting pigs. But the theme will change according to different seasons. The Rio version is a little bit special. You are not to hit the pig but to rescue the birds that care trapped in the cages. The operation methods is to use the slingshot to fire out the birds in order to attack pigs or rescue the trapped birds.
        It is really cool to control. You can push the bow with the analogue stick. The analogue stick will be fired out after adjusting the angle. It is correct to use the analogue stick, but you need to apply press A to fire it out. Thus you should se your left hand to control the angle. And then you should press key A with your right hand. In this way, the angry bird will be fire out!
        This operation method is easy for players to control angle. If you look after three stars like me or care you scores, and then you can replay by pressing key X. The angle will not change if the analogue stick keeps the same. In this way, you can changed the angle of the analogue stick based on the last time. This is really wonderful!
        It is not hard to control Kinect. First you should choose the regular hand to wave at Kinect. You can use this hand to control the angle and the direction of the bow. And then you can wave another hand to the lower direction to fire the arrow! This is a direct contrl method. Don't you notice that it has four fingers?

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