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    Angry Birds Game Review:

        Brief Introduction:
        Angry Birds is a very interesting game. In order to avenge the pigs who steel golden eggs, these angry birds attack the pigs with their own body like bombs. This game is 2D. The characters are presented as cartoon images. It is very happy to see the red angry birds attack the castle of the green pigs bravely. The background music of this game is also very enlightening. But it is a pity that the music is not there when the game is going on. Once the birds fired out, the sounds made out by them are really humorous. This game is a very lovely game. But there are still challenges and difficulties. Thus this game wins great popularity within the shortest period of time. And it is also the most popular PUZ game.
        Angry Birds is of durability in terms of its popularity. Nearly every player likes it. What they need to do is to push back the slingshot and then fire the bird out. It needs to skillfully use relative strategies to take back the stolen eggs. Besides, players need to make full use of the TNT box. So far, this game includes altogether 11 chapters. There are nine ordinary chapters, one golden egg chapter, and one Mcdonald's specific chapter (unavailable).

        Game strategies:
        1. In this game, in order to avenge the pigs who steel the golden eggs, all of birds attack the pig castle with their body as the weapon. Players have to put the birds first on the slingshot to hit the green pigs. Until all the pigs are hit, this pass can be broken through. Players need to estimate the angle and the firing strength of the slingshot in order to hit the pig in an accurate way. And the already fired bird will follows an orbit as the reference to adjust angle and strength. During every pass, more buildings are destroyed means higher scores. In the meantime, you can get additional 10000 scores for every unused bird.
        2. The first pass
        It is very simple. You can break through this pass only by hitting off the the magic lamp or the bar in the middle!
        3. The second pass
        You should aim the bird at the slope and then let it roll down so as to achieve domino effect!(fell free to shiver, young pigs)
        4. The third pass
        This pass becomes a little difficult. You have to aim the bird around the tree stake in front of the glass heap. And then you can destroy all the pigs and some glass blocks with only one bird!
        5. The fourth pass
        In order to break through this pass, you have to be good at using the magic lamp to let the bird to fall down from the specific location, and then you can break through this pass with three stars!

        1. When you play this game, you do not necessarily pay too much attention on other people's game strategies, what you need to do is to find out your own strategies.
        2. Matching has to be carried out between friends. Thus you have to add proper number of friends for matching.
        3. The conditions of the nest will influence the matching effect. So you have to use higher standard nest.
        4. It is easy to star the fight. You should put the fighting bird in the birdcage, and then the fighting will go on automatically. Of course, once your bird is put into the cage, other bird can also have a fight with your bird;
        5. How to increase intimacy: send out gifts, collect gifts, say yes for matching request, help to reap and send flowers. After using the loving prop, the intimacy between each other will also increase, except for sending flowers. The interaction process can also double the degree of intimacy, which is not influence by the upper love limit every day.
        6. Every bird can grow up. After every update, the body weight of the bird will also increase. The amount of the increase is related to the growth. Higher growth means higher wight. The growth range is between 0.01% and 5.00%;
        7. Mutation: after reaping, some birds may mutate. The mutation includes rage, sacred, strong and intelligent four types. Rage type: this bird is born as a fighter. He will become rage with 50% probability. His body weigh will also increase by 10%. Sacred type: he is the leader. In every fight, he can help to increase the weight of all his own birds by 3%; strong type: he has a very strong mind. He is immune to all the skills. Intelligent type: he is very good learning. After the fighting, he can bring you with additional one time experience.
        8. Experience: our birds can get experience by training or fighting. The experience can be used for update. After updating, the weight of the bird will increase of different degree. The increase degree is related to the growth.

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