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      This is a wonderful and exciting water slide racing game. Everything in this game is both fun and crazy. You can fully enjoy yourself on this free track. There are not too much rules for you to abide by. You can just be yourself and race forward. But you will not be alone. You will race forward with other players around the world in this new world. You will slide in the middle of the air and below you is the ocean. So if you have height phobia, which might put you in a disadvantageous position. But be brave! It is really exciting to slide in the middle of the air and to feel that crazy feeling. Besides, you cannot lose your concentration. The thing you need to do is to overtake other players, which needs you to run as quick as you can. Besides, you cannot lose your balance, otherwise you will drop into the bottom of the ocean, which is really crazy. So the key is not off the track. But speed is not enough. While you are racing forward, you need to pay attention to those brown blocks on the tracks. Do not run into any of them. You will be dead once you bump into any of those blocks. The good news is that there are many power-ups on the track, so do not miss any of those power-ups. Some of them can give you faster speed; and some of them can give you protection. Sometimes, it is mean to push your opponent down the track and let him drop into the ocean, but sometimes if there is an emergency, this is also a good and acceptable way to protect yourself.
      Anyway, it feels so nice to race forward with so many cute buddies from the different parts of the world. Although you do not know each other, but it is also a great thing to share this great happiness at the same moment, which will be a great memory for you. You are totally free in this world. On this track, it may be important for you to overtake your opponents, but what really does matter is to overtake the old you and find a brand new you. So you can just forget everything else and run forward as fast as you could. And at the end of the track, there will be a swimming pool waiting for you. So be the first one to get there, and you will be the final winner!