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    Jane's Hotel Game Review:

        Jane owns a small hotel. But she suddenly finds that there are too many customers. So she wants to grasp this opportunity and expands her hotel. Gradually, she will built this 2-star hotel into a world-famous five-star hotel. You not only need to unlock more rooms in this game. Besides, you also need to provide your customers with different types of satis-factoring services.
        It is very simple to play this game. There is a tutorial at the very beginning of this game. There is not too much repetitions in this game. So you can easily pass the levels as long as you are fast enough and arrange every moves in a scientific way beforehand.

        1. There are altogether 40 levels included in this game. Players need to control two female characters at the same time to do the cleaning or serving job. More than ten different types of tasks are available in this game. You can also buy some decorations to score more.
        2. Next I will explain to you the specific methods to break through each level. Actually, it is not that hard. First you will see a customer walking to your hotel and say "Hi" or "Hello" to you. Next you can click on the reception to get the key. Make sure that an unoccupied room is available, give the key to the customer, and he/she will occupy the room.
        3. Now you need to purchase your first restaurant. By the way, you can buy a new prop at the end of each level in this game as long as you have enough golden coins. Since there is a restaurant, customers can drink coffee and read newspapers not only in their room, but also in the hall.
        4. Some customers can ask you to switch on TV. You can click on the TV set to switch it on.
        5. You can also buy a fishing tank in your hotel, which can help improve customer satisfaction. Customers like observing attractive and blazing fish.
        6. In this game, you also need to provide your customers with a clean environment. You should do it if a customer asks for that and when a customer leaves the hotel.
        7. You can also buy sofa and TV set. This allows customers watch TV and drink coffee sitting in the hall.
        8. If a customer asks for a newspaper, take it from the little table near the reception and bring it to the customer.
        9. The pictures on the walls of the hall make it more comfortable for customers.
        10. You can also buy two pots of flowers and put them in the hall of your hotel. But you need to water them by clicking them one after another. Don't occupy yourself with serving customers, there are relevant coins for you for watering the flowers. These wonderful flowers can make the hotel more beautiful and comfortable. Watching them, customers would not be so concerned with their worries.

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