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    Diego's Safari Adventure Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Do you want to help animals? If you do, and then you should try the gameDiego's Safari Adventure ! You can enjoy the beautiful scenery in Africa and help a lot of animals. You will know that many animals are turned into stones and need your help. How can you stay away? Of course, you can't! Thus you need to go the top of the mountain find the dum to lift the curse.

        This is an animal rescuing game. First Diego and Alicia come to Africa. They see a lot of elephants are turned into stones. Afterwards, they understand the truth by meeting a little elephant Jumbo. Jumbo tells them that there is a mosquito who hates elephants. So this mosquito becomes a magician and turns animals into stones. After hearing this, Diego wants to rescue these trapped animals. But he has to find out the magic drum on the top of the mountain first. Thus they have to pack a hot air ballon to get to the top of the mountain. But how to pack one? In fact, it is not hard. You can drag the relative parts to from a complete picture of hot air ballon.
        You will find Aron is a cave when you get to the mountain. Aron is hiding here because she is afraid of the magicial turning her into a piece of stone by waving her wane. Next you need to search for the drum. There are three heaps of stone in front of Aron. You should click every of them. There are bats, aunts and the drom. Actually, you can find the drum by clicking the stone right under the feet of Aron. Aron will dig out the drum for you.
        After getting the drum, you need to go and rescue other trapped animals. But it will take a long time without traffic vehicle. So you have to assemble one like a car first. It is very easy assemble because you already pack the hot air ballon. You can get started once the car is assembled successfully. Suddenly, Aron finds out thet there is lion around them and feels afraid. But Diego encourages her to find out the lion and scare it away. And Aron did it. Thus she is very happy and proud of herself. At this moment, the magicial occures and keeps turning animals into stones. So you need to move the car and get the magical waterdrop thrown down by the magician. In this way, you can protect animals from turning into stones. There are altogether ten drops of magical water.
        Next you need to rescue other elephants, you come to a riverside. You need to pack a boat in order to reach to the opposite side. After getting to the opposite side, you will see a lot of stone elephants. You need to move elephants of different colors to rescue them. You need to move the yellow elephant first, and then the gray elephant and the red elephant at last. In this way, all the trapped elephants are released. The magician will lose her wane and turn into its original form, that is, the mosquito who hates elephants. At last, Diego will play music instrument with these animals. You can just click the relavant music instrument to play. Before leaving, Diego also takes pictures with these lovely animals.......

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