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    Go-Go Gourmet: Chef of the Year Game Review:

        Ginger is a starry-eyed young chef competing for fame and glory. Join her in a plight to win the celebrated Go Go Gourmet Chef of the Year Contest.
        This is an innovative simulation game developed by Oberon Games. In this game the food-loving main character received a letter and a recipe in it from his grandfather. In this way, she can help Ginger to practice in different restaurant, accumulate money and continue to manage grandpa Henry’s restaurant.

        If you are a new player, and then you had better click the Help item and have a practice first about the food processing.
        Search and select listed ingredients from the frame located on the right side of the screen.
        Use frying pan to fry, saut, braise, grill, caramelize, ignite, and brown.
        Use pot to boil, steam, simmer, melt, deep fry and heat.
        Use oven to bake, broil, roast and warm.
        Use food process to chop, grate, slice, mix, mince, dice, shred, mash, puree, juice and ground.
        Switch recipes to prepare them simultaneously.
        Click on tray or delivery button to submit food for judging.
        Judges are estimating your score by using A 10 point system.
        Win 1st, 2nd, 3rd place to win the round.
        After practice, you can play the game on your own. Before starting the game, the system will show you a list of the new ingredients. There are onions, turkey, sugar, wine, bread and other things. You had better check and remember them one by one, which can help you save time during the game.
        But if you are desperate to find a certain ingredient, you can click the “hint” button under the screen, and then the system will help you find it out.
        You need to move faster. To be a winner, you need to be among the first threes at the end of this game. A chart is available to you before the game, so you can check it out. It includes all of the chefs that might have a compete with you in this round. There are altogether 11 competitor for the first round.
        The food searching process is added into this game. Although it is just about looking for some easy English words, still there is some difficulties in front of so many ingredients. Cook Book is available to players to search for the relative words. Players can make food quicker once they remember the making process and the relative ingredients.
        The material choosing selection process is a little bit different in this game. Players need to find out relative ingredient among those words, and then choose different tools to cook food. There are more than one food processing orders.
        In this game, player will visit six restaurants located in six different countries. They need to finish more then ten levels about food cooking. Bonus levels are also added into this game. This game includes more than thousands of recipes and ingredients. So while game progresses, players can make more kinds of delicious foods. Meanwhile, they can buy decorations for their restaurant with the golden coins they earn.

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