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    Belle's Beauty Boutique Game Review:

        Grab Games provides us with another interesting and realistic shop simulation game. Belle's Beauty Boutique adopts an innovative theme. Customers can enjoy following services in her shop, including hair washing, hair cutting, hair drying, coloring, nail polishing and painting. Our objective is to help this lovely shop owner to expand her shop to the different corners of this world in order to make more people become beautiful.
        Under the story mode of this game, there are altogether 80 levels with rich content. Besides, there are characters with different personalities and identities.

        1. The mouse is enough for you to handle this game. What you need to do is to click and drag the guest in need of service to the designated stations. First, you need to pass through the training levels. It will not be hard for you to operate this game. But it will keep you busy.
        2. It will not be difficult for you to control this game. First, having entered into this game, you should select the tutorial and get familiar with this game. Your tasks are very simple. You will receive your first new customer soon in this beauty shop.
        Click and drag her to the blue station and then help wash her hair. After this, the system will provide your customers with multiple choices about the hair style. Click the Right or Left Arrow until you see a smile. A smiling customer likes the style best. Next click on your Customer to give her a hair cut. At last, the customer will reward you with a heart if you do your job well.
        3. To complete the level, reach the Target Total before the day is over.
        4. Serve customers as fast as you can to keep them happy.
        5. Happy customers will leave bigger tops!
        6. Customers will get angry and leave if they wait too long.
        1. Once customers are seated, a white service ballon will appear above their head.
        2. When customers request a service, click on them to have Sally perform the service.
        3. To move customers, click and hold to drag them to the correct station.
        4. Smiling customers earn a heart; while unhappy customers lose a heart.
        5. Give customers coffee to boost their hearts.
        6. Give customers a magazine to make them patient and so win more time for you.
        7. Candles will also affect customers' hearts and patience.
        8. Silhouettes with price tags are items that you can purchased.
        9. Items with green arrows can be upgraded.
        10. There are different types of characters in this game with different personalities. For example, there are grandpa, children and women, etc. Different characters vary in their patience. So serve the least patient one at first.

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