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    Armado HD Game Review:

        This game is developed by Big Fish Games. In this game, what players need to do is to lead Aemado run through dangerous roads and rescue the old hawk queen from the hands of ants army.
        There are altogether 14 levels in this game. You need to guide him to run fast, scape rocks and pass hills. Besides, the magic eggs should be put into each bird nest.
        After finishing all of these tasks, he need to run to the foot of the mountain during the limited period of time. On the way, you can help him pick up props on the ground to strengthen his power in order to help him fulfill all of his objectives.
        Initially it appears that all the game's dangers are hard to avoid because they just come out of nowhere– insects, boulders and rolling logs all coming towards you at a fast pace.
        However, while the game progress, gradually you'll find boulders and beasties appearing from behind, meaning you have to purposefully slow down and let them catch up with you, jumping in the air as they overtake you so you can crash down on top of them.
        Extra time can be earned by rolling (or jumping) into clock icons that appear on some of the levels.
        It is also important not to ignore the score multiplying icons that are often placed in the air because it can really boost your final tally.
        Use either of the mouse buttons to jump. You can be moving and jump to get over dangerous obstacles.
        Armado can roll into a ball by moving the mouse forward or backward even further when moving. The spin bar at the bottom left-hand corner shows how much turbo spin you have left.
        There are three types of multipliers, while a multiplier is active, all points you get will be multiplied by this factor.
        There are many magical rings to be found that have various effects while Armado is wearing them.
        To strike an enemy or an obstacle, press either of the mouse buttons to get into a high powered spin and strike.
        There are situations when you cannot get past an obstacle unless you break through it. Get close to the obstacle and press either of the mouse buttons to strike and break it.
        Diamonds are currency, you can use them to buy additional items. Keep your eyes open as they are sometimes hard to find! Also, they will respawn over time.
        You need to be calm during the game no matter what is in front of you, especially there is a stone wall ahead. What you need to do is to jump quickly as soon as you break the stone wall, or you will drop into the abyss anyway. in this case, you need to start the game all over again.
        You had better keep alive during the game because it is troublesome for you to start the game all over again. The reason is that there is an animated demonstration at the beginning of this game. So every time, you start this game all over again, you need to repeatedly see this demonstration.

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