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    Army Men 3 Toys in Space Game Review:

        Army Men 3: Toys in Space is a strategy game mainly about toys. Different game styles will give you different feelings. Besides, the graphics in this game are also really wonderful. Generally speaking, it is not very hard for players to adapt themselves to the operation method of this game with humorous pictures. Thus this game fits for players at different ages to enjoy.
        Soldiers and weapons in this game are upgradeable. The characters in this game have life and experience value like characters in RPG games. Once the soldiers or weapons have enough experience, and then they will get one more star. In this way, they will have more life and more powerful defense ability than before. The weapons in their hand will also become more mighty.
        The first level: Saving Sarge's Soldiers
        Mission: destroy all Tan soldiers in the garden
        At the beginning of this game, Sarge will fight alone. But after successfully rescuing three hostages, they will help Sarge. Remember to hide yourselves well because your enemy will shoot at those hostages once they find you. Besides, the ants will become edgy if they do not have enough food, so once meeting with them our soldiers will be sieged and attacked.
        At first, Sarge picks up two grenades and two medicine cases. With one of grenades, he will kill the guard between the two flower pots. There are other three guards below. One is on the right side of the beverage can. You can kill him with another grenade. There are a group of ants and a guard on the plate full of cheese. They will fire at you when you kill all the three guards below. Don't worry though, you can kill him by applying two flies at hand.
        After successfully rescuing hostages on the lower side, you need to rescue the hostage in the middle of the map. There are two guards. Before rescuing your hostages, you need to kill these two hostages with flies. Next explode away another guard coming to you from the upper side. In this way, you will save another hostage. There are also two guards around the last hostage. You can directly dash to your hostage because he is not far away from you. At the same time, you should throw grenades at the two guards. There are other remnant soldiers in the flower bush. But it will be very easy for you to wipe all of them out.
        The second level: Battle of The Bugs
        Mission: find and destroy your enemies' hidden bases
        That base is in the bamboo basket. There are a lot of guards around it. So you need to collect enough weapons before taking any move. The reason is that once the alarm is triggered, there will be more guards sent out.
        First, you should kill those guards besides the plate. Next move your soldiers to the bottom of the tip lorry. You can send them out to tempt and kill those soldiers above. The guards around them will not hear the gunfire. After obtaining the collecting lens, you can use it to kill the guards around the bamboo basket. Next you should march to the left upper side according to the map. On your way, you need to use pesticide to deal with groups of ants. Besides, you need to kill three guards around the plate. After this, you will be rewarded with rocket launchers, time bomb, and air support cases.
        Remember to hide above the bamboo basket when the alarm is triggered because a lot of soldiers will gather below the bamboo basket. Do not prone to any reckless moves. Or you will suffer a great loss. What you should do is to call upon air support. At last, you can kill all of them by using time bomb and rocket launchers to end this mission.
        The third level: Sand in Your Face
        Mission: find the entrance and send out the flying saucer
        It requires players to take some creative measures to complete this mission because your enemies are well equipped. Your enemy includes the grenade soldiers and air bombers. So you need to lead your troops to keep moving. Besides, you need to be careful with the minefield on the ground.
        In this game, you should press backspace, and then type into "!throw me a frickin bone here" to activate the code mode. At last press backspace again to type into relative codes:
        !captain scarlet
        !full monty
        !stay frosty
        !harsh language
        !heres a lockpick...         !mib
        !this one goes to eleven
        !hey stifler
        !one time...
        !spiny norman
        !let me down
        !pump me up
        !rate me
        !the meek
        !cut to the chase
        !time for bed
        !mona lisa
        !johnny ricco
        !peep show
        !heavenly glory
        !hey dante
        !the sun
        !whistle and flute
        !i woke up this morning
        !no sunblock
        !i got two words for ya...
        !haunt haunt haunt!
        !i like to keep this handy
        !patty melt
        !you want some
        !disco inferno
        !disco is dead
        !no one expects
        !italian job
        !its dark

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