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Army Men
Army Men

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System Requirements

  • Windows 98/95
  • Processor: Pentium
  • 16 MB RAM
  • Free hard drive space: 150 MB
  • DirectX 5.0
  • Video Card 1MB Directx 5.0
  • 16-bits Sound Card

      This game is an adapted one. Generally speaking, it has three advantages compared with other similar games. The first advantage is that there are different kinds of weapons for players to apply in this game. For example, there are grenades, tanks, cars and guns and so on. In this way, it will be easier for players to deal with their enemy and break through levels. Besides, the fighting scene is really magnificent either because of the existence of so many weapons in this game. The second advantage is that it is very convenient for players to control this game. The relative key layout of this game is very reasonable. Thus it is very convenient for players to control this game although there are many weapons and characters involved in this game. The last advantage of this game is that the pictures of this game are very clear. During this game, players can see the bridge is moving. The wind is sweeping through the army men. Players can also see that the flags are flying with the wind. So it is really a kind of incomparable enjoyment for players to play this game at the accompany of the background music. Without the charming background music, this game will lose its charm. In a word, this game is worth players' certain amount of time and energy to try.