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    Army Men II Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        This strategy game is produced by 3DO Studio. The main characters of this game are a roup of plastic toys. The creation of this game is inspired by childhood memory. In this game, players need to control a flexible army comprised of plastic toys to fight three battles and carry out more than 30 different missions. At the beginning animation, the main character Sarge and many other toy veterans will show themselves on the stage. This animation is really wonderful.
        There are a lot of weapons involved in this game, including machine guns, flamethrowers, rocket launchers and so on. Players can apply soldiers, tanks, halftrack and jeep to fight battles for them. During the battle, players need to control these soldiers with their weapons across the dessert, high mountains and gulfs to take part into a series of battles.
        Players do have their own army, but they have to cooperate with their friendly alliance. There are three kinds of enemy armies: brown army, gray army and blue army. Weapons in the game is divided into three categories, including standing weapons, special weapons and special equipment, for example grenades, mortars, mines, mine sweepers, flamethrowers, rocket launchers and first aid kits and so on. Players can only carry one of each type of weapon to perform a task.
        No weapon is invincible. Thus players need to use proper weapon to defeat their enemy on the battlefield. Sarge is not helpless either. He can call upon airplanes and paratroopers. He can drive four different kinds of cars, including tank and truck.

        The first level: KITCHEN
        The road is very flat in this level. You just march forward with your soldiers. Besides, you can order the sergeant to come bake and turn on the switch of the electrical furnace to stop the yellow soldiers. Delivery point will be in front of you once you blast the terrine into pieces.
        The second level: HOMELAND
        First, get the communication device at the upper corner of the map. Next go to the small room with oil tanks around it. The small room is on the left corner of the map. And then you need to repair the communication device. The next step is climb up to the train station at the right upper corner. There are a lot of trees here. Here, you can burn your toy enemies into dash once you start a fight in the woods.
        The third level: ANK STORE
        It will be a little difficult for you to win the fight by only depending on the sergeant. You should run to the radar as fast as you can and then kill all of demolitions there. And then move the target to the armed boat before it is too late for you to destroy it. This boat will stay for a while beside the left side of the bridge. So there will be enough time for you to explode it. Next you can walk through the bridge and destroy your enemy's tanks with rocket launcher, but pay attention to the distance.
        The fourth level: AIRBORNE
        Don't be followed and located by the tank. Note the life value of the blue spy is not very high. So you can break through this level by protecting the blue spy in a careful way.
        The fifth level: MANIA
        Be careful! There is a mine field at the end of the bridge. Besides, don't be glamoured by appearances. Sometimes, you can apply compulsory attack. Remember the vortex might devour people.
        The sixth pass: THE BIG BANG
        The terrain of this level is a little bit tricky. There are lawns on both sides. The garden is enterable. Don't waste too much time on those bombers. If there is no way, you can try to explode away those big and rotten stakes. The entry on the stage leads to the water pipe. After killing all of the enemies around the toy frog, the colonel will run away. So you chase him and kill him. The right water pipe is the delivery gate.
        The seventh level: THE INSANE GREY DOCTOR
        The terrain in this level is not very tricky. But you better not to approach the island on the lower right of the map because the gray armies are there. Your main task in this level is to destroy all the electricity generator like refrigerator. But you can only destroy them once you are given this task. There are a lot of islands here. Your main enemies are zombies who can not attack you from a distance. So my suggestion is to destroy these zombies by applying soldiers. You can dispatch the sergeant to lure these zombies.
        The eighth level: BEHIND THE 8-BALL
        The problem is that your enemy's weapons become powerful in this level. Your sergeant alone cannot deal with them. But don't worry, you have other teammates. At the beginning, you will meet with your enemy's stormtrooper. But you should not panic, just stand in line and defend yourself from the attack. Next your enemy will stop attacking. So you can dispatch the sergeant to kill the enemy.The weapon at hand is enough to kill your enemy. Next you can continue a trouble-free journey. Deploy your army at the most left entry, and then the sergeant will dash into and activate the police alarm. What you need to do is to kill the scientist. You need to kill all of the scientists. Next return to the 8-ball and kill another batch of enemies. Besides, you also need to destroy the antiaircraft warfare. At last you will break through this level by calling headquarters for air strikes .

        Air support:
        Press Backspace, type into aerosmith, press Enter.
        Skip levels:
        Press Backspace, type into LevelSkip xx, press Enter (xx represents )
        Press Backspace, type into full tank, press Enter
        Press \\, type into !when all else fails..., start code mode
        Type into following codes:
        !a better tomorrow
        !doctor doctor
        !acme discs
        !beautiful nikita
        !god of gamblers
        !fourth of july
        !gnomish inventions
        !i have a rock
        !ninja arts
        !paper dolls
        !pooper scooper
        !rubber cement
        !spidey senses tingling
        !i give up
        !veni vidi vinci
        !cliche ending
        !suicide kings
        !watchtower in the sky
        !ruby ray
        !shrink wrap
        !no rocket launcher
        !village people
        !surprise party
        !roach spray
        !patton\'s speach
        !metal sheeting
        !fond memories
        !night of the walking dead
        !warp 6
        !aluminum foil

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