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Army Men Strike
Army Men Strike
Army Men Strike

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System Requirements:
      This is a strategic shooting game. In this game, you will be the leader of the powerful green army to defend the attack of the yellow army. As you know, the leader plays a very important role in an army. So you need to try your best. To win the battle, you need to come up with creative strategies by fully taking advantage of the current resources. You need to surprise your enemies with unexpected moves. And the glory will be yours and yours only!
      There are different modes in this game for you to experience. Besides, you can collect all kinds of props to build your own direction center. Remember to recruit distinctive toy heroes who can fight for you. But of course, you need to train them before sending them to the dangerous battlefield. This newly-built army toy kingdom can bring you back to your childhood world. For example, you can apply the remotely-controlled airplane to get information about your enemies. It is useful to learn the army deployment of your enemy because it determines whether or not you can win the whole battle. If you are not confident enough, you can also build an army with your friends together. The last thing I need to warn you is that no matter how powerful you are, you must watch out for those evil scientists who are dedicated to creating destructive weapons. So it will be of your advantage if you can destroy the scientists first.
      Now, the whole army is waiting for your order. Please do not hesitate and charge forward with your beloved soldiers. The final glory will be yours!