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    Army Men Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Army Man was a very popular game on the computer for a time. This game carries out the style of the original film although this is an adapted game. In this game, players need to control these toy armies to fight in the room or on the battlefield. So try this game for yourself if you like it.
        Function keys:
        Z、X      :weapon change on the car
        1, 2, 3   :choose weapons
        F4   E   :get off the car
        F8   D   :discard already chosen weapons
        F1       :let the soldier follow you
        F2       :attack some place with a flexible way
        F5   S   :bombers
        F6   P   :Airborne troops
        F7   R   :surveillance aircraft
        F11      :search for the task
        F12      :search for the map
        Introduction to the weapon box
        A : machine guns
        Red crossroads : portable medicine box
        Round water kettle : grenade
        E and X : time bomb
        Red and yellow : flamer
        (A) Cactus flats
        1. First you should kill those two enemies who are rushing to you. Next run across the bridge and get to B2. On your way, you could kill several enemies before getting into B2.
        2. Two men will try to kill you from the below, so you should fire at them. If they hide behind the walls, you should move to their side and tempt him to attack you. In this way, you can kill him.
        At this moment, there is an enemy behind you. So turn around and kill him. After strength recharging, you should run to A2 where there is a yellow army flag. You should hold there until your last breath. Next kill every enemy rushing out of the gate. But at this moment, you should pay full attention to an army man in blue. You must kill him. After this, you can get an envelope from him. This envelope will tell you that you need to find three keys of blue, red and green colors. Once you get the envelope, do not continue to fight with your enemies. Just run across the wall to end this level.
        3. First walk to A5 because there is a tank waiting for you. Here, you should change all your weapons into grenade and then explode the fence away. Next you can press F4 to choose tank. You should drive the car along the road from A6 to F6. My suggestion is to ignore all of your enemies on your way. You can come to the end of the bridge and crush several enemies into death with your tank. But there is a jeep blocking you to drive through the bridge. So you should knock it to aside. Remember to crush soldiers on the lower right corner, or your tanks will become a pile of useless tanks. You can break through this level once you reach to the green flag.
        (B) Mesa Valley
        1. Pick up all of equipment you need and then rush to A1. There are two enemies at A2. You can kill them with your remote gun. But there are other two enemies. You can just kill them by throwing two grenades at them. Next walk into the camp. All of the men in the camp will follow you as soon as you say, "Follow me."
        But don't walk away too early. There are other things for you. First, you can destroy a tank by deploying your bombers at the left side of C1, and then throw a grenade at the right side of the cliff. And you can check again by sending out a surveillance aircraft if you doubt the outcome.
        Now drive the tank to F4 with a grenade in your hand. Next get off the car after killing enemies on the cliff. At the same time, you can explode away two silver strongholds with the grenade. Next get on your tank and fire at two soldiers until they are dead. Once you get to F6, get off and kill both sides of enemies. And then use the only grenade you have to explode away the last stronghold. At the last stage, you can take your time to deal with the middle camp. The first attack, the second attack, the third attack........ Don't stop firing until the camp is destroyed. Once the camp is dead, you can get into it and pick up the blue kays. This is the end of this level.
        (C) Casa Plastica
        1. First equip yourself with all of the relative weapons you need. And then kill two enemies at the door and other enemies inside the door. Next recharge your blood and walk to the A3 along the wall. You can use the grenade exploding away the wall. In this way, you can get to A6 by passing through the gap.
        2. You should deploy some grenades behind the car once it is started because there is a tank which will get into from here. So you should bury as many grenades as you can. Usually, five grenades will be enough. But watch out for explosive Cascade, or the tank cannot be destroyed.
        Next you can follow the car which will stop in front of the bank. What you need to do is to destroy the channel with your grenade. Besides, you can explode away all of the entrances. There are four entrances, including the right one, upper one, left one and the lower one. Next you can dispatch bombers to destroy the lower one. Once everything prepared, you can rush to the place where the car is started. You will see with your own eye how the grenade destroys the tank. This is really a magnificent scene. OK, now it is the time for you to start the bomber. Just fire once at the roof of the bank and then wait patiently. At last, there is car coming to you. And you can end this level by getting onto this car.

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