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    Asphalt 8: Airborne Game Review:

        In this game, players can rush toward stiff slopes and fly in the air. Besides, they can perform different tricky actions during this game.
        There are altogether nine different types of exotic sceneries available to players in this game, including Venice, French Guiana, Iceland and the Nevada desert. The racing roads in the life mode is more innovative. Besides, there are multiple choices for players in terms of car selection.
        There are altogether eight seasons. Altogether 180 events will be held. Many players marvel at the visual effect of this game. Besides, the destruction details have impressed many players.
        This game is the eighth work developed by Gameloft. The blueprint of this game has been based on different cities around the world. There are eight wholly new maps available to players in this game. Besides, this game also has in-built weather system. Thus players can see snow, dust, and rain and so on. The visual effect is really unimaginable.
        Multiplayer mode & ghost challenge
        Only eight players can play this game at the same time! They can compare their score with the scores of their friends from all over the world and share their achievements. In this way, you can prove that you are the best car racer.
        Soul music
        In this game, players can enjoy a lot of wonderful music, which make many players very exciting. There are racing tracks which are equipped with Bloc Party, Mutemath & The Crystal Method.
        There are altogether eight racing tracks in this game. I believe that this makes many players become crazy. Compared with the monotonous version 7, this game has more crossroads. In this way, there are many choice for players. Of course, players can choose many shortcuts during the game either.

        First let us talk about the racing track set in Venice. This is the longest racing track in this game. Comparatively speaking, this is also a racing track with less crossroads and shortcuts. Let us just say that there is more than one boards in this game, but it is not suggested to jump because it will be time consuming if you jump too high. While you should jump more on the boards set on the rail, which can help you accumulate nitrogen.
        This racing track is designed in a scientific way with short distance. But it requires you to perform some difficult actions if you want to play this game in a more interesting way. The key is to jump over the board as long as you see one. Besides, you can also perform some special skills as long as you can guarantee your safety.
        The racing track set in Monaco is similar to that of in F1. The most distinctive feature of it is narrowness. There are a lot of cars. But it is not difficult for players to finish this map. There are not too many shortcuts in this game but narrow alleys. But you need to be careful when you are drifting, especially at the turning because of the high speed. Or you will drop down. So begin with the first shortcut, and then follow the main troops.
        Generally speaking, this map is a little bit difficult to finish because of many crossroads. But the truth is that you have win a half battle as long as you know the shortcuts. At first, you should pay attention to the road beside the beach. Walk here first and then jump over several boards to accumulate nitrogen. At last, you need to jump back to the roads.
        Having covered the deserts, you can just walk along the main road, and then you will enter into next crossroad. The left one is an alley. And then right is a flat road. It is suggested to choose the alley. The reason is that you can accumulate nitrogen by choosing this road. Besides, this is a shortcut. In this way, you can collect nitrogen and cover several alleys easily.
        This is maybe the most tricky map in this game. There are many crossroads in this game. Besides, players need to be familiar with the roads contained in this game. Or they will drive into a wall. At first, you will get two turnings and then enter into the alley on the right side. At last, you can perform a special move to get nitrogen.
        There are three crossroads in this game. The most convenient shortcut is to drive through the hotel in this middle. Next you can release and spray your nitrogen.
        Now keep walking forward until you see a water pipe. Here, you can drive the car to the top side of the pipe by along a half circular orad. Obviously, this way will consume more time. So you had better drive through it from the below.
        You will see many crossroads in front of you after getting out of the pipe. Any small miss will lead to a longer distance. So you should identify a high statue first and choose the road on the left because this is the nearest shortcut. Remember!
        At last, you need to fly between different building tops. But remember to accelerate before you jump, or you will fall down. Once you dump all of building tops behind, you can just fly straight to your final destination.

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