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    ATV Mudracer Game Review:

        In this game, player will take part into different four-wheeled motorcycle races held by different countries, including French, English, China, Germany, Spain, Russia and America. There is a timing practice in this game. So you can try it before participating into the world champions competition or online competition.
        Players will have a wholly new game experience by playing this game.

        Throttle up A
        Hand brake Z
        Reverse X
        Slider S
        Repair R
        1. Actually, this game is not very difficult to play as long as players set the relative control buttons according to their habit and have relative game experience. It will take less than ten minutes for players to adapt themselves to this game.
        2. You need to set the direction buttons for yourself after entering into this game. Do not give up this game once you find out that the system does not have default direction buttons. It will be a pity for you. You can see this game is of high degree of flexibility to play. Besides, it will not be easy for your four-wheeled motorcycle to be overturned even if it hits an obstacle unless you hit a racer.
        3. There are practice mode and challenge mode. Choose the practice mode first because the practice mode is set in the desert where there are not too many road blocks although many players will accompany you. So what you need to do is to pass through those checkpoints one by one. But there are a lot of blockades such as forests and cliffs in the challenge mode. So it will be easy for you to be dead if your driving skill is not good enough.
        4. But there is a choice for you to enjoy the game in a casual way or timing way in each mode. So you can play the game in a casual way at first if your driving skill is not good enough. The reason is that you will be dead soon if you choose the timing mode at first. Besides, this is an unwise choice because this is a distinctive four-wheeled driving game. Thus you should take your time and enjoy it slowly.
        5. Choose the easy one at first because you cannot conquer the difficult task at first regardless of your driving skill.
        6. You should slow down once you see a checkpoint in front of you or beside you. Or you have to reverse, which is both time consuming and troublesome.
        7. It is very simple to find out the checkpoint. The blue line on the map is the path covered by you. The red point is the checkpoint. So you can obtain scores by passing through those checkpoints. Besides, you can follow the blue arrow over your head if you are afraid of being lost. But do not run blindly. In this way, you will be lost and gainless.
        8. Do not drop downward from a high cliff. Otherwise you will be dead. Under such kind of circumstances, it will be useless even if you press R because the motorcycle is already unrepairable. So you have nothing to do but to start the game all over again.
        9. Do not hit other players during this game. It will be easy for your motorcycle to be overturned. But press R and repair the motorcycle once it is overturned. Next you can keep running forward.
        Set Q and E as the relative direction buttons instead of the left and right direction arrows because this will be convenient for you to control both the speed and the direction of your motorcycle.

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