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    Avatar: The Last Airbender Game Review:

        This game is an adapted from a famous American animation named Avatar. The story of this game in behind the veil of the traditional Chinese mythology. According to this game, our world is dominated by four magical items: Air, fire, water, and earth. The last airbender is the only person who possesses all of the four items. So he can save the world. After hundreds of years being dead, he is saved by people on earth by accident. Afterwards, he awakens the magic powers within him and then sets foot on the journey of saving the world with his partners.
        Not only the story is behind the veil of traditional Chinese mythology, but also the characters of this game if or oriental charm. Besides, the designing of the whole graphics applies Chinese ink painting style. Wholly speaking, these graphics are not of very high quality. But these graphics still have affinity for domestic players. Another charming point of this game is the military martial arts. With the simple composite keys, players can easily call upon special and magnificent actions such as tornado, sand storm and air cyclone, etc. This game is fit for all players who are fond of the original animation to play.

        You can use the direction keys to control the character. ↑ is jump. ↓ is defense. Z is attack. Besides, you can apply composite keys. But you need to try out the specific combination way between different keys under the different kinds of situations. Actually, there are relative tips and hints for you in this game. You can just follow them. But I want to tell you here that it is your domain once you jump into the air.
        The operation of this game is similar to that of the Ninja Dragon DS. All of relative operations are about screen touch. Players do not need to press any key. But it feels well to play this game. At first stage, there are not too much skills involved. Players can kill their enemies by just chopping them. Besides, the number of the enemy at this stage is not very large. This is a practice stage for players.
        The next move will be showed on the card. Players can combine different cards in a flexible way. Besides, players can get new cars during the fight. They can use these cards to exchange for other things in the training field. In this game, players cannot upgrade themselves directly. But they will be rewarded with intelligent points at the end of every pass. These intelligent points can be consumed in the training field for upgrade or new cards.
        What I need to be pointed out is that players need to control the character perfectly while it is traveling between different buildings. Once the character knocks into any building, it will be dead. So players need to control the character and turn it around slowly. Slow turning is better than fast turning. The operation method of this game is very special compared with other recent NDS works.
        Get into the Code Entry under Extras, and then input the following number:
        Codes          function
        37437 —— all of the fortune map
        97831 —— character paintings collection
        34743 —— double harm
        24463 —— unlimited Chi
        23637 —— unlimited copper
        94677 —— unlimited life
        53467 —— unlimited steal
        54641 —— kill with one strike

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