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Back To The Future The Game
Back To The Future The Game

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System Requirements

  • Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • Processor: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
  • 2048 MB RAM
  • Free hard drive space: 1 GB
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • Video Card: Fully DX9-compliant graphics card 256MB Directx 9.0c
  • 16-bits Sound Card

      Back to the Future The Game is an adapted game. Moreover, the size of this game is not very big compared with other similar games. But it is really an interesting game for players to enjoy. The following part of this paper will give three reasons to prove its value. The first reason is that the pictures of this game are very clear and vivid. They are of 3D. In every picture, players can locate precisely their location, destination and target. This will give players a kind of visual feast. The second reason is that the background music of this game is really innovative. Unlike other similar games, their background music is always of the same style. So it will give players a sense of fatigue. But the background music of this game is full of change. So players will feel different at the different stages of this game. The last reason is that the content of this game is very rich. There are many character involved in this game. Besides, the stories included in this game are also full of variety. These stories happened under different circumstances, different locations and different background. Some of them are completely out of their expectation. So generally speaking, it is really worth to play this game.