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    Back To The Future The Game Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Back to the Future: The Game is an AVG. This game has a new storyline although this game is adapted from the original film. Marty McFly and Doc. Brown will start their wonderful time travel in this game again. But the content of this game is twisted and fashionable. The tricks included in this game are both interesting and simple. But players can really enjoy themselves by acting as Martin.

        Strategy guide:
        1. Press "\" to call upon the space vehicle.
        2. Press Tab for fuel recharge
        3. Press "【" for the big picture
        4. Press "+" to open the time circuit, and then type into time series like 121120150900
        1211 refers to December, 11; 2015 refers to in 2005
        0900 refers to nine o'clock and 00 minute
        5. Press "," to change speed display mode.
        6. Press R to control your space vehicle in a remote way. ↑↓←→ are about remote control. You can also move the main character.
        Car flying mode:
        1. W: rise; S: fall
        2. A: turn left; D: turn right
        3. Q: tilt to the left; E: tilt to the right
        4. Space: march forward
        Note:The main character cannot stand on the remote space vehicle, or it will bleed.
        The first episode: This is about timing! Practice now!
        The parking lot
        This game will start with a typical scene of the movie. Choose the file and trigger the dialogue by robbing him of his computer.
        Choose the kit which is close to the Doc, you will find the computer in it. Marti starts to talk with her mother when she gets up.
        Doc's laboratory
        You can choose items from the laboratories around. Next talk with Jorge for more information.
        The file Brown will be built in 1955 when you move to the square of the City of Valley. You will get the computer which contains all of the files.
        But one of the files cannot be destroyed. Thus you have to apply a more creative ways to get what you need.
        Next, Jorge takes Marti out of Dec's laboratory and gets into a guitar room.
        Click Jorge to trigger the conversation, "Dad, I can fight my own battles". In this way, you can try to use some devices in Dec's laboratory.
        Next, approach to Jorge and get Marti's guitar.
        Doc's driveway
        Marti gets to the driveway and find out the time machine. You will find Einstein is in it once you open it. Marti walk into the time machine and sit down.
        Intercept information about the Doc at the help of the radio beside a passenger.
        The shoe under the seat of the passenger can help you locate your next destination: the valley in the downtown.
        The valley in the downtown
        Press the doorbell first and then take out the shoe and go upstairs. Here, you will find an old grandma. You should talk to her and then use the telescope lens to observe things from a distance. Next you can click the water gate. After the old grandma getting into the water gate, you can click the newspaper beside her to break through this pass.
        The City Hall Square, 1931
        First, you should talk with the female journalist. Next you should bring the video tape to Einstein. Remember to talk with the Doc. After this, you will go into a bar by following the note given by the Doc. You will knock into the Doc once you step into this bar. And then you will have a conversation. The purpose of you is to persuade him. In this way, you can break through the pass.

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