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    Bad Piggies Game Review:

        Brief Introduction:
        Angry Birds is the representative work of the Rovio, followed by the Bad Piggies. For a long time, these piggies are bullies by the birds. Now it is time for revenge. In this game, players can act as the lovely piggies. By the help of all kinds of complicated wood frames, wheels and ballons, piggies can steel eggs from the birds. In the new game, players also have to help freckles piggies build vehicles and flying objects. In this way, these piggies can help the king pig steel as much as bird eggs as possible.
        Bad Piggies is one of the physical games. This game provides players with all kinds of strange props, including spring, ballon, propeller, and umbrellas. Players must make full use of all of the resources at hand to create a "traffic vehicle" for the piggies. The physical engine is the same with that of the Angry Birds. Based on the size of the green pigs and the players' design, the route will be different too. Besides, players can drive the vehicle with their own skills. Players should be careful not to cross into the tortuous maze.
        Bad Piggies is developed by the producer of Angry Birds. This is a new game starting from the perspective of the piggies! In this game, players should lead the piggies to the safety by creating ultimate flying, crawling, rolling, spinning and colliding. Similarly, Bad Piggies are still busy for the eggs. Of course, there is always some accidents! The question is that the players can successfully create the ultimate flying object and lead the piggies to the safety? How many tools are available for the piggies to use? Players need to help piggies improve the traffic vehicle! There are altogether 60 passes with free upgrade. Players always can enjoy the pleasure brought by colliding, bombing and flying! In every pass, more then 30 puzzles will be resolved by obtaining three stars!

        Tip:  Sometimes, you have to replay the same pass for several times, otherwise, you can not achieve all the goals. Try to build a new equipment and new ways to get al the stars! According to statistics, there are altogether 39 kinds of material, including freckles pig, king pig, eggs, wooden frame, iron frame, wooden wheels, iron wheel, mini wheel, wheel, wheel cups, valves, fans, motors, luxury retro engine, turbo four-cylinder engine, black umbrella, yellow drive umbrellas, spring, TNT, rope, glove boxes,balloons, double balloon, three balloons, sandbags, double sandbags, three sandbags,small propeller, large propeller, Coke, Sprite, red and blue fireworks fireworks, wood glider with tail, iron and iron tail hang gliding.
        In the Bad Piggies, players need to help build vehicles and aircraft, so that they can grab more eggs. If the machine is hanging on balloons, player can control the explode timing in order to accelerate the falling speed or adjust the direction. If there is hanging fans and propellers, you can control the landing and floating action, if there is rocket or engine, players can control the timing of horizontal accelerations. Greedy pigs are without limbs. Greedy pigs can do nothing but to roll down along the slope if there is no any traffic vehicle. However, in order to survive, they have to steal. Tip: Sometimes, you have to replay the same pass for several times, otherwise, you can not achieve all the goals. Try to build a new equipment and new ways to get al the stars!

        Game strategy:
        1. Players need some props at the beginning of every pass, including wheels, rockets, propeller, engine, springs, balloons, umbrellas, fans, sandbags, tail, and wings. And then players need to put all of these props into the frame to assemble all kinds of traffic vehicle so as to transport the pig from the beginning point to the final point.
        2. This game is different from the other games with different passes and three stars. You can obtain the three stars of every pass in an accumulative way. But some passes also need you to obtain the three stars at the same time. If you obtain the three stars by playing this game for three times, you also can pass the game. Different requirements must be met to obtain the three stars of every pass.
        3. In this game, there are skulls at the specific pass. You can unlock other passes by obtaining ten skills. Sand box is a pure entertainment system. The main object is to collect stars in the box. You also can assemble vehicle with the parts you get from the box(some box contains many parts, some are less). There are altogether 10 sand boxes with nine small sand boxes(you can assemble them by breaking through passes). The left one is the super box (it contains all of the parts with the minimum number of six). You can assemble vehicle freely with these parts.

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