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    Barbie Groom And Glam Pup Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Barbie Groom And Glam Pup is a cute and vivid dressing game with 3D. You should first select a pup above the screen. Next you should click the arrow under the screen and name your pup. Now, you can dress up for your pup. You can also spin the pup for the 360 degrees by clicking the arrow. After completing all of this, you can select a background picture and take a picture for the pup. In this way, you successfully finish a theme. So come and have a try!
        How to start:
        Click play, and then click GO to start the game. You can go on next step by clicking the √ in the lower right corner.
        Game objective:
        Take picture for Barbie’s pup.

        Actually this game is easy to play, you can play it by only clicking the mouse.
        Next I will introduce to you how to play this game step by step.
        1. First click to pick your dog.
        2. Choose a perfect name for your cute pup.
        3. Dress your pup in cute outfits.
        4. Pick a background, then take a picture. Besides, you can also choose a message for your pup, including World’s cutest Barbie, Happy Birthday! I love you, You are a Great Friend, etc.
        5. Get a photo you can print or save.

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