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    Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp Game Review:

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        Barbie Horse Adventures: Riding Camp is a simulation game produces by Activision company. In this game, players have to fight against seven different enemies with their favourite horse. First, players can choose their own horse form six different kinds of horses. Next they can take part in several horse racing games to test the strength and running speed of their own horse. There are altogether three levels of difficulty. Every player can take challenger from the new or experienced players. They can play this game alone or invite their friends to play this game together. But the maximum number of player is six.
        In this game, you will act as Barbie. You have the chance to choose your own horse, and then explore the boundless wilderness with your horse together. This game is the ultimate version of the horse racing game. And your purpose is to achieve victory in this game.
        At the same time, you need to be a good owner. You have to take care of your horse. Besides, your riding skills are needed to be polished. In this way, you can continue your adventuring journey. At the same time, you will be rewarded with trophies, medals and ribbons for outstanding performances. Added with customization features, clothes and accessories are unlocked as you complete your quests. In this game, 15 different horses are also available for riding, each with their very own personalities, unique qualities and individual skill sets. There are also 8 unique locations to explore. Thus you and your horse need to conquer all kinds of hardships to reach the finish line.

        First you should choose the mode, and then click the new game. After this, you will find yourself in a manor. Here is a girl named Jenna. She will guide you find an outfit in the bunkhouse. There are several houses. So you should make sure which is the bunkhouse exactly. After you getting into the bunkhouse, you can choose an outfit for yourself and put it on you in the dressing room. You do a good job. So come to the Manor and show your new outfit to her and talk to her. The most exciting thing is that you can choose a horse for yourself after the conversation between you and Jenna. First you have to talk with Marty. He will tell you to go to the stable and choose a horse you like and like you. But you should remember that you will have more choices about the horse depending on your riding skill. Before you start your riding journey, you have to learn from Kyle some riding lessons.
        Tip: As long as you perform well in the arena and get all the stars by controlling your horse, you will definitely finish your following tasks. The reason is that the riding skills you obtained in this arena are enough for you to complete your tasks. So if you are not a good a horse rider in reality, my suggestion is to invest more time in this arena to practice your riding skill. Or you have to go back again to this arena and get training. Besides, if the mouse clicking is not convenient for you, you can press the keys to control your horse.
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