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Barbie: Jet, Set & Style
Barbie: Jet, Set & Style

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Supported Platform:

  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo DS

      This game is very poplar among girls. Many girls around the world are attracted by the perfect image of Barbie. In their mind, Barbie has the perfect appearance that every girls admire for. Thus whey they dressing up for the Barbie, they feel like they are decorating themselves. This game brings many girls with a lot of fun and happiness. This game puts them in a wonderful world. There are all kinds of Barbies. They can tailor skirts for these Barbies and make up for them. The outcome usually makes them feel exciting. They feel so happy when they make out such a lovely Barbie by themselves. You also can help Barbie dress up her boyfriend and other family members when there is special occasion. In this way, Barbie will not feel lonely. She has her own glamorous friends and family members. Besides, in the world of Barbie, everything is perfect and nothing disturbs them, which conforms to the psychological conditions of many little girls. In the meantime, you also can find different styles of clothes in the chest. Thus you can choose whatever kind of clothes for your Barbie. In a word, this game can help girls to develop their own aesthetic value and practical ability by dressing up and making up for the Barbie by themselves.