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    Bejeweled Blitz Game Review:

        This is a really wonderful game. You need to let three jewels stand in a line. The graphics of this game is really magnificent. You will love it. So come and have a try.
        Special gems
        Flame Gem: It appears both in the Bejeweled Blitz and Bejeweled Twist. You will get a Flame Gem by connecting four ordinary gems together.
        Flame Gem will trigger explode. In this way, the gems around it will disappear.
        Star Gem:It occurs in the Bejeweled Twist. Connect five gems in a T-shape or L-shape. Next you will get a Star Gem.
        Star gem can release energy and help you remove all the gems in the same vertical or horizontal line.
        Hypercube: It can be created by connecting five or more gems in the same vertical or horizontal line.
        You can clear away all the gems with the same color on the map as long as you change the location of the Hypercube with that of the gem next to it.
        Miracle will occur if you put two Hypercubes together and then trigger them to explode. Next all the gems on the board will be destroyed.

        It depends on speed whether you can score high or not. Besides, you need to react quickly. Of course, there is a tinge of luck.
        Under 50 times: This number means you are a new player. You can not even get the badge. So there is no need to talk about speed in this stage. So just be patient and have a practice first.
        50~55 times: You are at the preliminary stage. You can score 600k if you try hard enough.
        55~60: This number proves that you are an old player. If you are lucky enough, you can score 900k. But usually, you can only get 600k. The same method is to enhance the dropping speed of Multi. You can make a breakthrough if you apply relative props occasionally.
        60~65:This score means that you are already an excellent player. It is no problem for you to get high score. Try more props, and you can score 800K, 900K, or 1000K.
        But this is a watershed for you. You will meet Blazing Speed for the third time while the game progress. Besides, if you are quick enough, you can fully makes use of this Blazing Speed. In this way, you will get a really high score.
        Where there is a Blazing Speed, there is a Multi. I mentioned the importance of Blazing Speed before. You should know that Blazing Speed cannot be ignored.
        The ideal situation is to apply Blazing Speed when you have 40 seconds or more time left. Apply Blazing Speed again when there is only 20 seconds left. Try hard to finish the third Blazing Speed. Usually, one Blazing Speed can bring you at least two Multis.
        More Blazing Speed
        Blazing Speed is a good thing. At the help of it, you can get a Multi Gem within half a second. This is why many players said that Blazing Speed is a useful weapon. You can get a dozen or two dozens of flames during each round. But it will be hard for you to get a Blazing Speed.
        Apply Blazing Speed
        You had better choose Blazing Speed because it is more powerful and cheaper. If you are out of prop, you can also choose Blazing Speed.
        Practice more
        No matter how quick you are, you need to practice more.
        65~70 times: If you can reach to this score, which means that you are among the best. Even if your score is put on the Facebook, you should fear nothing. Here is the point: you can definitely apply the third Blazing Speed now.
        Personally speaking, the extreme is the fourth Blazing Speed. But it will be hard for you to fully make use of it. It is time for you to show your true strength. The RP is the key. You can get 700K or 800K easily during this stage. Besides, it will also not be a problem for you to get 1000k as long as you are under a sound condition and equipped with good RP.
        Next, you will get less Multi. So it will be a little difficult for you to continue the game. And for many excellent players, Multi is their golden prop because Multi players a very important role in scoring high. But we cannot give up on the speed. This is the ultimate purpose of countless tries. In this way, you will more likely to get Multi.
        So you need to be patient at first. Try more times if you cannot get higher score. You will get relative props as long as you are quick enough. Once you have props, what you are afraid of?

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