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    Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks Game Review:

        Brief Introduction:
        During playing the game Ben 10: Alien Force Vilgax Attacks, players need to control Ben Tennyson and other ten super outer space heroes. During his adventure, he will save the world with omnitrix. So come to the world full of alien force and take Ben to the outer space and faraway satellite. Come and finish this planet voyage in history for the first time. According to the storyline of this game, the first enemy of Ben, Vilgax has been busy in organizing his own army. It members are Ben's enemies who scare Ben most. His greatest plan is to take over the whole universe. He plans to deal with one satellite for one time. At last, he plans to destroy Ben's mother planet, that is earth. Now, players have to use ten different kinds of Ben's alien appearances to fight with the horrible crisis. Ben is the only person who can stop the crisis from happening!

        Game strategies:
        □ attack
        △ defence
        X jump
        R skill
        L visual angle
        Death sentence: Players will be dead as long as they fall into traps like pit. But tis is not the case for the first pass. But they can resurrect from the right place where they are dead. In addition, players will also be dead if they are drained of blood during the game process.
        Defensive attack: If there appears a green mark over the head of your enemy, you can press △ button for defense and then knock it down. You can easily win the fight if there are strong enemies with shield in their hands.
        Props: There are all kinds of props contained in this game. Most of them can be smashed into pieces. You can recover your blood and blue color and get experience value after mashing them into pieces. So you should smash all the things into pieces within your sight. You can get both blood and experience at the same time.
        Hero skills: If you press the cross key, Ben will become ten different kinds of alien heroes at the help of Omnitrix. These heroes have different appearance and abilities. You should press R key and the symbol keys on the right side. There are four kinds of skills available for every hero. Generally speaking, □ and △ mean powerful attack. ○ means unlock skill, which is used to decode. X means group attack. Using skills will consume corresponding magic. In this game, you can press SELECT key to change heroes. My suggestion is not to change character because from the start of every pass, the system already allocates appropriate character for every player.
        Update: you can find the update option by pressing START key. Every hero has relative SPECIALS and ATTRIBUTES for update. Every hero has four skills to update. Their attributes can be classified as strength, celerity, and defense, al of them can be updated. Every attribute can be updated in this game. But their is an upper limit.
        Shape hero abilities (update gradually)
        HUMUNGOUSAUR: he is a typical hero of strength with slow movement ability and wide attack range. Generally speaking, it can be sued to draw box, push gears and rotate the rocking bar.
        SWAPFIRE: He is of double jump ability. This hero is suggested tobe used first. And then recover the skill and attribute. This hero is generally used to decode the burning gears.
        ECHO-ECHO: This hero is a delicate one. Thus he can freely go in and out of the narrow pipelines. He can split by applying special abilities. If there is many switches to be turned around, and then you can call upon this hero.
        Sea turtle: this hero has the ability to keep flying for several seconds in the sky. It can be used to fly across deep abyss. It can fly across to the opposite platform by standing on the platform with turtle claws pattern.
        WATERHAZARD: He has similar abilities with SWARFIRE. He can spray water on the gear with blue patterns so as to finish decode.
        Green armor: His ability is similar to H. He can wade through acid region and object with green surface by apewing fire.

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