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    Ben 10 Galactic Racing Game Review:

        This is a car racing game adapted from the animation BEN 10. This game is planned to be published and sold out in the autumn of 2011. You can play this game on the following platforms, including 3DS、NDS、Wii、PS3、and Xbox 360. Monkey Bar Games will be responsible for the 3D version. So far, the promotion video of this game has already been released. Several players can play this game at the same time. And there are 15 characters and 30 kinds of different racing roads. Players can play this game on five different planets and 25 different kinds of car racing tracks. Of course, the props and skills involved in this game are also of high quality. The main character can shift during the game. Other characters can apply their skills to attack their enemy. But all of these skills are loyal to the original film. In terms of the prop,players can use the prop to change their abilities. For example, they can release their ultimate speed, etc.
        In the outer space, there are always some idlers who have nothing to do but to hold a car racing game. You can imagine the excitement brought up to you by the hourly speed of the car without wheels. Thus have a try~!

        ↑ acceleration
        ↓ deceleration
        →← direction
        Combat your enemy
        Ultimate Racer!
        Beginner's Luck Complete
        Freezeway Jungle Complete
        Wet Wasteland Complete
        Null Prime Complete
        Volcano Void Complete
        Ice Water Expanse Complete
        Infinity Circuit Complete
        Primus Dominus Complete
        Air Show
        Absolutely Smashing
        Close Call
        Give 'Em the Slip
        Codon Infusion
        Kart Collector
        Galactic Racing Champion
        Ultimate Trophy Room
        Counter Measure
        Nothin' But Skill
        Nothin' But More Skill
        Nothin' But Maximum Skill
        Boom! Winning!
        Omni-Node Master
        Missed Me!
        How to start the game
        After loading the game, select the career→single race→time trial→difficulty→start game.

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