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    Ben 10 Protector of the Earth Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        This game applies all kinds of main characters who can shift into the outer space figures. This is an adventuring game. This game aims both at the Ben fans and children.

        1. If you play this game for the first time, and then you should choose single player mode for a try. Next you can invite your friends to try the multiplayer mode.
        2. After entering into this game, you need to choose an icon first. Next you will come to the grand canyon followed by a short story. You can skip this part if it is hard for you to understand the English lines.
        3. You should press X and close your enemy first if there is a distance between you and your enemy, and then you can press S to kick it. Or you will be killed by the flying object fired out by your enemy.
        4.The human mark on the upper left represents the heroes you can hsift into. You can change between different forms by pressing direction keys. Press button R to shift. The red bar is the life value.
        First, there are several machine bugs in your way. Thus you should remove them. There will be yellow balls in front of you everytime you kill a bug. When the number of the yellow ball eatn by you reaches to a certain degree, you will learn more attacking methods. The things on the map can be destroyed and you will get restore power.
        You should note that the cliff can drop and you will come to the side of a stome with fire beside it. At this time, you will need to turn into the burning man. In this way, you can absorb all the flames just standing by the fire. Next you should destroy the stone and march forward. On the way, you can jump onto the high stages that you come across. You should note that sometimes you need to perform double jump. The burning man is recommended for double jump. Sometimes, you can ppress button X for sliding.
        Next you will see a giant square stone in front of you. At this time, you need to change into the strong man with four hands. You can press button O to push the stone to the end. And then change into the burning man and jump onto the high stage. March forward and kill some machine bugs in your way. You will meet a BOSS eventually, a giant BOSS! After a several around of attacking, the BOSS will fall down. At this moment, there will be a human head on its arm. You should change back into the human form and press O. Note there will cccure hint. Don't mix the button hinted. Or you will have to play all over again!
        The second pass
        Let us try your new skill. You should march forward at the fast speed. Kill some soldiers and keep marching forward. There will be a door in front of you. Here, you need to rush into the dooe and then press the button O. You will see the light direction. Control the light and let it point right into the door. And then you should rush into the door along the light direction.
        keep running forward. You should identify the switch first. Step onto the switch and then you will see a secret channel. You can design the road line first and then run in a fast speed along it and do not stop until you get ot your destination. The suggestion is that you should keep button O for a longer time. In this way, you can run a long distance! The variety of the soldier is also increased at this ti,e. But these soldiers will not be a threat for our hero. When you come to the hanging bridge, which will spead out automatically.
        You can just keep running to the right. (here there is a bug. If you fail to run through the bridge, you can jump back when you are falling down. In this way, you can jump to the edge of the bridge. Next you can apply double jump to get to the opposite side ). At the end of the road, you will fall into the underground world by killing several soldiers first. There is no road for you to return. Thus just keep forward. Caution landslide on your way! But what you need to do is to keep running. There are nothing but high stages in front of you. You need to apply double jump to get to the end. Here you can break through this pass by killing all of enemies in front of you.
        There is no BOSS for this pass!
        The third pass
        Our main characters will come to the military camp at night. You should keep going to the right direction. After killing several enemies, you will come to a place circled by the fire. You should apply the burning man as long as you see fire. Walking around the fire, the fire will die out. The gate of the storage room will open too. But you should remmeber that you cannot attack the bucket. Otherwise, the bucket will explode and set on fire. After entering into the storage room, you should climb up to the top of this building.
        You should move ccarefully at this moment. After a while, you will see a glass ceiling. Don't step onto it. You should jump over it by applying double jump to get the treasure. Next jump down to the ground. And then keep move forward until you see fire. Change into burning man and make the dire die out. Next step is turn into the strong man and push the box to the switch to open the above door. and then let the burning man attack the red button within the door by pressing button O. At last, you should get out of the door quickly and march forward to the right. You need to hit the switch to pass the door. But don't worry, the door will close behind you automatically.

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