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    Ben 10: Ultimate Alien - Cosmic Destruction Game Review:

        Brief Introduction:
        This ia an ACT game adapted from the famous cartoon graphics of Cartoon Network TV. The 16-year-old Ben becaomes a international superhero after releasing his true identity. In order to rescure the earth from the new crisis, the newly equipped Ben needs to search for magical weapons around the world. Players can control Ben and other 15 alien characters appeared in the The Ultimate Alien and carry forward the 3D adventuring experience in the real cities.
        Ben Tennyson is just your average teenager. He makes some mischief, spends quality time with his grandpa — and occasionally transforms into alien life forms on world-saving missions. Maybe he's not all that typical, but Ben has a some help from his friends — and with a dangerous cosmic storm fast approaching and threatening the planet, he's going to need all the help he can get. Wielding an all-new Ultimatrix for transforming into the most powerful alien forms of his action-packed career, Ben is off on yet another shape-shifting adventure to find an important alien artifact and stop the storm — can you keep up with him?
        Strap the Ultimatrix onto your wrist and step into the ever-morphing shoes of the teenage hero in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction. The all-new alien device transforms you into ultimate versions of your favorite aliens from the hit show, including Armodrillo, WaterHazard, AmpFibian, Terraspin and NRG, and gives you the power to jackhammer, beam and blast enemies out of your path. As you swiftly switch between different forms and different powers, you'll battle dangerous bosses and solve mind-tangling puzzles on a wild adventure that takes you from Paris to Tokyo and beyond. Enhance your powers along the way as you collect sumo slammer cards and crush objects — and get more strength, speed and special attacks than ever. The Cartoon Network hit show is popping out of the TV screen and into your living room — do you have what it takes to wear the Ultimatrix?
        Play as Ben Tennyson and up to 17 alien forms in an action-packed adventure based on the newest season of the immensely popular Cartoon Network series.
        Wield the power of the all-new Ultimatrix to transform into the most powerful, hyper-evolved alien forms ever available in the series and "ultimate" forms of familiar favorites.
        Travel to Paris, Tokyo, China and Rome on a quest to find an alien artifact that promises to save the world from an encroaching cosmic storm.
        Journey through a brand-new, true-to-the-show storyline written by the show's writers, and experience 100% authentic art styles, music and sound effects.

        The first pass: Knight-mare at the Pier
        Players need to first control Ben Tennyson. You need to rush forward after starting the game. You will meet your new enmey Forever Knight. They will use their red laser sword to take care of you. But they are not very difficult to kill. After dealing with the attack of the several waves of enemies, you can come the green riverside and then float to the other side at the help of the three floating bamboos.
        After killing a pile of enemies, you should jump on to the floating bamboo on the right side. After stepping onto the bank, you should kill new enemies Heavy Forever Knight. Their attacking powers are improved and they are euqipped with the shield. But you can break it into pieces. And then you will come to the riverside, jump onto the floating bamboo as long as you jumping onto the boat. Or the boat will be overturned.
        You will kill a batch of enemies after stepping onto the bank. And then you will go through a river where you meet with your new enemies Laser Lance Forever Knight. They will use laser gun shooting at you. After killing them, you should smash the cameras on the both sides of the gate into pieces and get into it.
        From the hall, you can climb up the stairs. Step down the staircases after killing the enemies. And then you can march forward by killing the last batch of your enemies.
        Reward: spidermonkey
        The second pass: The Forest Medieval
        There will be a tip. It wants to tell you the floating omnitrix points that might appear in this game, which will point at the best moving direction.

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