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    Big City Rigs: Garbage Truck Driver Game Review:

        This adapted game is really interesting. The city cleaner is the main character of this game. He is very cute. He and his partners will shoulder the responsibility for keeping this city clean. The garbage is everywhere, but this cannot disturb them because their job is both funny and interesting. What really disturbs them is the garbage monsters fooling around. People despise these garbage monsters because they create garbage wherever you go and do harm to the city's environment. So you should not leave mercy to them once you catch them.
        In this game, you need to travel around the city and collect garbage so as to build your own garbage collection company.

        This is a mini simulation game with small size. So the operation method of this game is very simple. Only four direction arrows and the space button are involved. But if you still think it is not convenient for you. You can choose to slide the mouse right and left to control this game. Besides, there are relative prompts in this game. So you do not need to worry about this.
        First, you need to choose a garbage truck and a cleaner for yourself at the game hall. Of course, you can choose truck with different shape and color. Next you can get down to your business. Remember to finish your task within the limited period of time, or you have to restart this game. The system will reward you with relative amount of scores once you finish a given task. So you need to pay attention to the time left and the amount of the money under the screen. It is very important to make money. Without it, you cannot buy trucks or truck drivers, let alone build your own garbage collection company.
        You will see dustbins everywhere in this city. You can control the garbage truck and collect garbage. After collecting one garbage bin, you will be rewarded with relative amount of points. You need to remove both the garbage and the garbage creating monster on your way within the limited period of time.
        Of course, these garbage monster will attack you by throwing garbage at you. So you need to switch between defense and attack. Knock down the garbage flying to you when you are in defense mode. While beat those monsters as hard as you can when you are in the attack mode. All the operation is about screen touch.
        But you also need to watch out for the flammable articles thrown to you by the garbage monsters. This is a humorous and cute game. What you need to do is to fulfill your cleaning job during the given time. In this way, you can enter into next level.
        If you want to make more money, and then you need to make more contributions to the city dwellers and create a better living environment for them. To reach this goal, you need to be careful. You need to drive you garbage truck to the very corner of this city and collect garbage there. Or it will be hard for you to build your own garbage collection company. Another point is that you should kill as many garbage makers as you can because this is an effective way for you to make money compared with garbage collection.

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