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    Big Farm Game Review:

        Big Farm is an exquisitely designed management game. The story in this game happened in a farm located in the western part of America. As a farmer, you need to continuously expand your farm and nurture more and better animals. Of course, this game is not that easy to play. It depends on your own endeavor whether you can own the largest farm over the world or not or whether you can get married with the main female character or not.

        1. After entering into this game, you will meet the farmer called George. Having had a conversation with him, you will be informed that everything in his farm just disappeared. So what you need to do is to restore his farm. However, you should keep in mind that the more houses you have, the less happy your workers will be. Their work will suffer as a result, increasing running costs. I will explain how to find a balance soon.
        2. There is always something to do for you in the farm. You need to upgrade, harvest the produce and expand your farm. Of course, after finishing each task, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of stars. For example, you can click on the green symbol in the left panel to get your reward after finishing the first task.
        3. You can also keep chicken in your farm. Your chickens lay eggs when they are well fed. What does that tell us? Keep the chickens fed, and you will always have an egg for breakfast.
        4. You can see your reward at the top right. If you move the mouse over the icon, you will see what you can expect.
        5. In this game, you can also trade with other people. For example, you can sell out the wild flowers and buy some animals for your farm or other seeds.
        6. It is very simple to seel things. You can just click the farm management to do such kind of things. But you can not sell everything in the farm. Wild flowers are sold directly because they can not be used for anything else. But you cannot sell out the chickens or the cows, otherwise there will be no egg for you to eat nor milk for you to drink.
        7. How to pick up the wild flowers? It is very simple. You can pick up all of them by clicking the mouse.
        8. You can also buy a mill and put in in the farm. Next you need to figure out what kind of feed the mill can provide you with. Based on this, you can buy the corresponding animal. For example, if the mill is processing feed for chickens, and then you should buy some chickens for your farm first.
        9. As said earlier, you need workers in your mill to makes it work. You have enough free worker to assign to your mill. To do this just click the mill and then will work there.
        10. At last, you need to put all the crops harvested by you into the mill. Only by this way, your workers can process relative feed for your animals. As the old saying goes, "The cleverest housewife can't cook a meal without rice" Don't you think so?

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